Little crab plenty of fish tomatoes · vegetables plenty of cream · shrimp rich thick tomato soup 3 kinds of Jolly pasta I went to eat new soup pasta

It is soup pasta that seems to suit the cold season. The body warms with soup, it is satisfying with pasta that it was rice crispy. This time, from Jolly pasta "Vegetable oyster cream soup pasta"Little crab plenty of fish seafood tomato soup pasta"Shrimp's rich tomato soup pastaThree soup pasta appeared on Thursday, November 8. Because there are plenty of luxurious items to see because they are all nice, because eating response is also perfect feeling, I decided to go eat.

Soup pasta is delicious season

When I arrived at Jolly pasta, I found a bowl of soup pasta. It seems that plenty of crab, oyster, shrimp and seafood-based foods are contained, and expectation is large.

As soon as I ordered three soup pasta this time.

Don, and appeared "cream soup pasta of plentiful vegetables" (1134 yen including tax)

The main oyster looks something like this.

Bacon, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, shimeji etc are also plentiful and looks are also vivid.

The oyster 's taste is slightly odorous scented and salty, it feels just right to eat it with a mellow cream soup. The soup is pretty rich in taste and its viscosity is high and it often comes up in appliances, but it is possible to enjoy the creamy flavor without feeling the taste persistent.

The ingredients are plentiful, but the volume of noodles is also substantial, even if you eat or eat it does not quite decrease. Jolly pasta's regular pasta price is almost 1000 yen cut, but the taste is solidly felt and the volume is enough, so if it is this it is convinced that it exceeds 1000 yen.

You can see the crab's claws here "Lots of craby crab meaty fish tomato soup pasta" (1344 yen including tax)


The crab's peel

Crab claws

There are plenty of seafood such as clams, and just looking, it gets filled somehow somehow.

All of the ingredients are not exceptionally good, but the taste of seafood that has melted into tomato base soup is pretty good. The refreshing acidity of tomato remains well, and it pushes the taste of crabs and shells to further height.

When saying "a little change in taste", if you squeeze attached lemon, it will be more refreshing taste.

As you can see, there is quite a volume, so it's already full of 2 items, but challenging the last 1 item. "Shrimp's Rich Tomato Soup Pasta" (1134 yen including tax)

I think that the shrimp would like a little more delicious texture, but since there are two cats attached from the head to the tail, there is a response to eating.

This is dumplings made from shrimp 's surimi called Prawn' s Porpettine, so pretried to make you surprised when you eat. Preprint to such an extent that "This texture is surprising though it is a surimi."

Tomato soup is based on tomato soup as well as "fishy tomato soup pasta", but the flavor of shrimp is melting out so that you can see clearly this soup has become a rich taste. Of course the compatibility with pasta is also perfect, the volume is enough.

Lemon comes with me as well, as you like.

So that was a feast.

Everything was pretty heavyweight volume, "I thought it would be impossible for me to have a big bun ... ...", I saw the menu, and all three products were properly "There was no huge sweat". In other words, it is such a volume.

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