JASRAC song usage fee ranking best 30 in the past 30 years, and 3 animated BGM ranked in

ByBrandon Giesbrecht

When managed songs are used, JASRAC distributes the royalty fee to lyrics, composers, and music publishers, and has given the top artwork a "JASRAC Prize". This year, 30th anniversary since the establishment of the JASRAC Prize, we have announced the best 30 of the works whose cumulative royalties distributions were large in the 30 years from 1982 to 2011.

JASRAC Award 30th anniversary "JASRAC Award 30 Years of Progress" JASRAC

1982 to 2011 Yearly distribution amount Top 100 works (domestic works) cumulative best 30 works list
(PDF file)http://www.jasrac.or.jp/release/pdf/12110501.pdf

The first place is the million year seller of 2003 "Only one flower in the world". It is widely used in karaoke, net distribution, etc. In 2004 and 2005, it won the JASRAC prize money prize (distribution amount is the highest). The second and third place are classic duet songs "Izakaya" "Two Osaka". And the fourth place is "Evangelion BGM" ranked in. This is because it was used in BGM, pachinko, etc. of the "Evangelion" series, and received the 2008 JASRAC Award Silver Award (distribution amount is the second largest annual).

By the way, although I went to see Amazon.co.jp to listen to what kind of songs these were, MP3 download sales were only "North airport" in the 8th place and "Automatic" in the 28th place was. I think that at such times, we should make opportunities for JASRAC to take the initiative to audition and connect it to selling ... ....

◆ First place:the only flower in the world(Song: SMAP / Lyrics / Composition: Noriyuki Makihara)

◆ No. 2:Izakaya(Song: Konomi Nana & Itsuki Hiroshi / Lyrics: Aku Yu / Composition: Kanou Ohno)

◆ No. 3:Two Osaka(Song: Miyako Harumi, Miyazaki Masa / Lyrics: Aya Yoshioka / Composition: Akira Ichikawa)

◆ No. 4:Evangelion BGM(Composition: Shigeru Sagishi)

◆ No. 5:To shed tears(Song: Rimi Natsukawa / Lyrics: Ryoko Moriyama / Composition: BEGIN)

◆ No. 6:TSUNAMI(Song: Southern All Stars / Lyrics / Composition: Keisuke Kuwata)

◆ No. 7:Like the flow of a river(Song: Hibari Misora ​​/ Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composition: Maidake Chapter)

◆ No. 8:North airport(Song: Keisuke Hama, Koshiro Katsura / Lyrics: Yashiro Yo / Composition: Keisuke Hama)

◆ No. 9:I LOVE YOU(Song / Lyrics · Composition: Yutaka Ozaki)

◆ No. 10:It is alcohol.(Song / Lyrics · Composition: Kozo Yoshi)

◆ No. 11:cheers(Song: Songwriting · Composition: Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi)

◆ 12th place:North traveler(Song: Yujiro Ishihara / Lyrics: Yoko Yamaguchi / Composition: Tetsuya Seiji)

◆ No. 13:Ginza's love story(Song: Yujiro Ishihara, Toshiko Makimura / Lyrics: Hisashi Otaka / Composition: Shogaki Saki)

◆ No. 14:Cruel angel 's thesis(Song: Yoko Takahashi / Lyrics: Ogawa Kawako / Composition: Hidetoshi Sato)

◆ No. 15:Dogwood(Songs / Lyrics: Single Blue / Composition: Machico Tatto)

◆ Number 16:Everything(Song: MISIA / Lyrics: Misia / Composition: Toshiaki Matsumoto)

◆ No. 17:CAN YOU CELEBRATE?(Song: Namie Amuro / Lyrics / Composition: Tetsuya Komuro)

◆ No. 18:Pocket monster BGM(Composition: Shinji Miyazaki)

◆ No. 19:Kiseki(Song, Lyrics, Composition: GReeeeN)

◆ No. 20:Gabagaba 90 min! theme(Composition: Yasushi Miyagawa)

◆ No. 21:Two wheat grass(Song: Miyuki Kawanaka / Lyrics: Kaoru Mizuki / Composition: Tetsuya Sage)

◆ No. 22:Beyond Amagi(Song: Ishikawa Sayuri / Lyrics: Aya Yoshioka / Composition: Tetsuya Seiji)

◆ No. 23:Surely more than anyone in the world(Song: Miho Nakayama & WANDS / Lyrics: Noboru Uesugi, Miho Nakayama / Composition: Tetsuro Oda)

◆ No. 24:Dragon Ball Z BGM(Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi)

◆ No. 25:Choo Choo TRAIN(Song: ZOO, EXILE / Lyrics: Atsu Sato / Composition: Keisuke Nakanishi)

◆ No. 26:Night sky Nomuco(Song: SMAP / Lyrics: Suga Shikao / Composition: Kana Kawamura)

◆ No. 27:SEASONS(Songs / Lyrics: Ayumi Hamasaki / Composition: D · A · I)

◆ No. 28:Automatic(Song: Utada Hikaru / Songwriter · Composition: Utada Hikaru)

◆ No. 29:Cherry(Song: Ai Otsuka / Songwriting · Composition: Love)

◆ 30th place:Mobile Suit Z Gundam BGM(Composition: Akira SAIBURA)

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