7.9 inches "iPad mini" and "4 th generation iPad" with super high definition display appeared

Apple introduces a new iPad equipped with a new CPU and a super high definition screen of 2048 × 1536 dots (264 ppi) and a small 7.9 inch iPad. He also mentioned an rival Android tablet directly, and deployed an aggressive presentation to feel the enthusiasm of the company cutting into the 7-inch tablet market as a later genera- tion.

Apple - Event - Apple Special Event October 2012

Tim Cook, CEO of iPad at the new product launch held in San Jose, USA announced that the cumulative sales of the iPad series exceeded 100 million units.

In the second quarter of 2012, it appealed that iPad's shipments were more than the total shipments of PCs of major manufacturers.

In addition, the iPad accounted for 91% in tablet terminal web traffic statistics, pointed out that the Android tablet is almost inactive.

Mentioned on the length of the iPad's battery-powered time.

In addition, I will talk about past experience of education.

Appeal the penetration rate of textbooks using iBook in the USA.

Announcing that iBooks author, which creates books and textbooks for iBooks, has responded to creation of interactive graph display and so on.

Here he replaced the presentation role with Philip Schiller.

On the slide is the character of "iPad 4th generation".

It is said that a new type of CPU "A6X" is installed.

The processing speed is twice as fast as the CPU of the old model.

Graphics processing power is also doubled.

Battery operation time is about 10 hours.

SoftBank and KDDI LTE communication networks are available in Japan.

The price is 499 dollars for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model.

16GB Wi - Fi + Cellular model is $ 629.

The product name of the same model in Japan is "IPad Retina display model"The pre-order from the online Apple Online Store will be accepted from Friday, October 26, the iPad Wi-Fi model will be launched on the Apple Store on November 2 (Friday), Wi- Fi + Cellular model is released late November, each price is as follows.

◆ Wi-Fi
16 GB: 42,800 yen
32GB: 50,000 yen
64GB: 58,800 yen

◆ Wi-Fi + Cellular
16GB: 53,800 yen
32GB: ¥ 61,800
64GB: ¥ 68,800

In addition, the same Lightning terminal as iPhone 5 is adopted.

And finally, a small iPad that appeared to have been rumored for some time appeared.

When full size iPad rotates with Kururi,

Smaller new type of terminal appeared.

The name is iPad mini.

The size you can hold with one hand.


Edge processing like iPhone 5.

Phil to show the real thing in hand.

The thickness is 7.2 mm. Because the iPad Retina display model is 9.4 mm thick, it is 23% thinner than that.

It is about the same width as a pencil.

It's about 308 grams (Wi-Fi model) and 652 grams of iPad Retina display model, so it's 53% lighter than that.

Phil said that he has the same weight as notepad.

Two colors of white and black are available.

The screen size is 7.9 inches.

The resolution is 1024 × 768 dots and it is equivalent to full size iPad 2. It is lower resolution than the iPad Retina display model.

275,000 kinds of applications are available.

Here's the rival's 7 inch tablet "Nexus 7(Photo left) "appeared on the slide.

The screen of Nexus 7 is exactly 7 inches, while the iPad mini is 7.9 inches.

Naturally, the area of ​​the screen is higher for iPad mini. Looking only at this number, it looks like a small difference ... ...

In fact there is a 35% difference.

Furthermore, the area that can be displayed with standard browser is appealing that 49% iPad mini is wider.

It is 67% wider in landscape orientation.

Furthermore, the Nexus 7 application (left) is only enlarging the screen of the smartphone, whereas the application (right) of iPad mini is an application developed exclusively for the tablet, so it is a richer interface. We are deploying a fairly thorough attack on Nexus 7.

The CPU is dual core A5.

The 720p front camera is installed, and video calling is possible with high resolution.

It features a 5 megapixel rear camera.

Some models can use LTE communication.

The terminal adopts Lightning same as iPhone 5 etc.

Battery operation time is about 10 hours.

Here the screening of the product introduction video starts.

Jonathan Ive, senior vice president of design in charge of appearing in the video.

Every time I am amazing eye power.

Compared to full size iPad this size.

Easy to hold with one hand.

The internal parts are as follows.

The color variations of the smart cover are five colors.

When covering it it is like this.

It also becomes a stand.

The main body size is 200 × width × 134.7 mm.

The thickness is about 7.2 mm, the weight is about 308 g for the WiFi model, 312 g for the WiFi + Cellular model.

Reservation acceptance start is on 26th October.

Enumerate countries that will be on sale on the slide. Japan is also included.

Pre-order from online Apple Online Store will be accepted from Friday, October 26, Wi-Fi model will be released on the Apple Store on Friday, November 2, Wi-Fi + Cellular model will be released late November. The price of each is as follows.

◆ Wi-Fi model
16 GB: 28,800 yen
32GB: 36,800 yen
64 GB: 48,800 yen

◆ Wi-Fi + Cellular model
16 GB: 39,800 yen
32GB: 47,800 yen
64GB: 58,800 yen

A applause applause audience. Apple's executives line up in the front row.

So, "iPad mini" is higher in price than 9000 yen even in the lowest model compared with "Nexus 7 (tax included 19,800 yen)" which is regarded as a rival because the size is close. It is a strength that Nexu 7 does not have in that it has a back camera etc. However, in the 7-inch tablet market where fierce battle is predicted, dare to avoid price competition and bid the bullish result will be good or bad , It is paying attention to future sales.

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