"Browser Age" that you can know by how long the browser in use has been released

Firefox is currentlyUpgrade at 6-weekly paceAlthough it does not understand much how long the actually used browser from the release has passed. "Browser Age" is the site that can confirm it with a single shot.

Browser Age

JustSleipnirVersion 3.8 was released, so I tried it with the old version. In the case of version, it is 149 days since the release.

And if you update and set it to version ... ... It's 25 days since the release. This dataUser agent stringSince it is said that it is acquiring, it may be off the date that it was actually officially released.

Firefox 16.0.1When I tried to access it, it shows that 43 days passed since release

This isInternet Explorer 9.0.10, 598 days passed.

Opera 12.02 (Build 1578)In case of 0 days passed.

Safari 5.1.7In the case of 325 days passed.

By the way, if there is a referral, it will be displayed. This is when you move from Google search results.

Referer information can be seen to each OS and browser. Only the Firefox users of Windows version accessed this site from the Japanese version of Google.

From Facebook (mobile version), there are many Android users, Safari is 85% browser.

User agents can be disguised, so there are places that will not be relied on, but it is interesting as a story. What happens when you access with an old browser?

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