Script "Scrollovers" to change the color of lin and letters as the mouse comes up

A script that automatically adds a fun effect such that the color changes as the mouse rotates and turns when the mouse comes over a string such as a link, that is "scrollovers.js".

It is confirmed that Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 5.5, Internet Explorer 5.5, Safari 3 (Windows), Opera 9 have been confirmed and it can be used for personal use or commercial use free of charge.

From the theory you can understand the person who saw the evidence, demonstration.

Demo and download from below.
Scrollovers - A New Way of Linking

You can see how the contents of "scrollovers.js" itself is.

The speed of scrolling can be changed by editing "scrollovers_ScrollSpeed". You can also change the motion by changing 'scrollovers_ScrollDownOnMouseOver'.

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