"USB ultraviolet sterilizer" which can easily sterilize small bacteria and viruses with USB connection

Even those who are firmly gargling or washing hands with colds or influenza prevention may have germs and viruses attached to items that are in their daily lives. This is a "USB ultraviolet sterilizer" that will sterilize it easily.

USB ultraviolet sterilizer (cordless ultraviolet sterilizer) EEA-KDX01

The size is the size enough to contain keys and small items.

Easy to use, put small items to be sterilized ... ...

Just close the door.

Ultraviolet light turns on automatically and performs sterilization processing. It takes about 9 minutes to process and the ultraviolet light turns off automatically when the door is opened, so there is no concern that you will face it directly.

By the way, since it can supply power from USB, it is possible to connect to a laptop computer and sterilize accessories at hand.

It also supports operation with dry batteries, so it can be used wirelessly.

USB extension cable with a length of 83 cm is attached, the price is 2980 yen including tax. Although it may be a day off, people who care may use such things as ants.

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