Triangle calendar "Desk THE TRIANGLE" everywhere you divide it by early, mid, late instead of weekly

A calendar of innovative design that broke down the concept of "a calendar is a square one"Tabletop THE TRIANGLE (The triangle)"ButSugimoto CalendarIt was released from. Not only the calendar itself is an equilateral triangle but also the month and day are displayed every ten days with the three breaks of the month, that is, the beginning, the middle, the end of the lunar, and weekends and national holidays also appear randomly, a new type of calendar that has never existed It is becoming.

Release desk type 2013 calendar "Tabletop THE TRIANGLE" equilateral triangle design which divided the calendar into upper, middle and late 3 parts

calendarThere are various designs, but what they have in common is "being a rectangle" and "being separated by weeks"

On the other hand, "THE TRIANGLE" broke the common sense of the calendar. The equilateral triangle calendar also feels a bit like a sign. The size is 156 × 170 mm.

The mount is black. On the back side is a paper on which a note is written.

The cover and the used page can be stored in the back of the paper, it is said.

So, it opened quickly.

The mount is an assembly formula.

Just insert the hook into the socket for assembly OK.


The surface looks something like this.

Turning the cover ... ...

January. Early, middle and late each ten days. The calendar is three colors of red, blue and black.

From 1st to 10th at the top triangle. The part painted red is Sunday · holiday, blue is Saturday. In a square type calendar, Saturdays and Sundays are arranged in a vertical row, but it appears randomly in THE TRIANGLE.

The lower left is from 11th to 20th.

The lower right is 21 to 30 days.

The 31st day appears at the bottom of the middle triangle.

The triangle of February which is only until 28th is blank.

As you turn the calendar, the paper will accumulate behind ... ...

As described in the explanation, it can be stored in the mount.

I feel refreshed.

It is a product that overturned the common sense of "looking from the left to the right", not only is it not only interesting but also should be easy to understand and convenient for those who are engaged in administrative work in the morning.

The price is 840 yen including tax,Selling at AmazonIn addition, from November 1 it is planned to be released at the Junkudo bookstore nationwide.

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