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To be held in TokushimaMachi ★ Asobi vol.9Okay."Tales of Xillia 2" wrapping busWill be operated. By doing that wrapping work, I had you show my journey from ordinary bus condition to the completion of the lapping bus completely and completely.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.9 2012.09.22 ~ 10.8 held

The wrapping work took place from October 1st to 2nd. Although typhoon 17 passed away, rain clouds remained, and on the way to Tokushima, it pours down in Awaji Island ... ....

However, Tokushima was cloudy, and lapping work started safely. This wrapping is given to this nonstep bus.

The bus of Tokushima City Transit Authority contains a silver line and a blue line.

The work is being carried out by the Tokushima City Transportation Bureau's mass-garage.

"The front of the garage" is set up as the nearest bus stop. Nonetheless, since wrapping work etc. are not open to the public, it seems almost impossible to come.

In and out is quite frequent, but the number of rides that can be taken from this bus stop is not as much as about 1 in 1 hour.

Already on the right side of the body is already done for wrapping work

It is only to leave a small part such as the cut on the bottom side.

Meanwhile, the officials of the transportation department finished the interior decoration of the bus.

Normally, the part where advertisement is posted is "Tales of Xillia 2"Character illustration etc are pinched in. It was completed up to pasting the sticker of normal size, but a large craftworker pasted it.

Align the place, and firmly crimp it with a spatula.

The completed interior is here.

The character fills the ceiling of the bus.

Advertisement part. The hero'sRudgerThere are a lot of banners of standing pictures and serifs in line with the appearance of the characters in the game including the characters.

"I, there is a marvelous affair, there are four great spirits, the spirit of the spirit," is a researcher'sJude. It is the hero of the previous work "Tales of Exilia".

"Everybody tells us that we are involved, that's selfish,"Mira. This is also one of the leading characters of the previous work.

It is said that "Because it is a proud work to pursue the truth"Leia. A journalist at the newspaper company, Jude's childhood friend.

Elise"I'll be alright, you will surely understand"

Alvin"I do not want to lie.

There is no dialogue inEl Mel Mark. One character of a new character, the key to this work.

One scene in the game is posted like this ... ...

Bus route guide map. Although it seems to have forgotten, it was a Tokushima city bus.

Because the stickers are stuck on the back of the seat like this ... ...

Sitting in a seat says that the character is in front of you.

I will stay behind my head.

Also in the last part of this place.

On the inside of the rear door ......

Deformed Rudger & Elle

At the rear of the driver's seatHideo BabaThere is also a message from the producer.

The bus which advertised a large advertisement on the back came, which can not be said as a wrapping bus next to. In the awkwardness of Tales of Bus also completed, the rear will be like this

Work entered the left side of the car body. First of all, in order to paste the wrapping sheet, we will drop fine garbage etc on the surface of the car body.

Temporarily align the wrapping sheet there.

Because the area is quite large, the seat is divided into three even between the door and the door alone.

After aligning the place, please paste.

The back side of the wrapping sheet has become a sticky surface when peeling off the protective surface, but spray the paste with a sprayer ......

I will stick the petters together.

This first sticking becomes important because delicate displacement only leads to large distortion after only large sheets.

"Tales of Xillia 2" lapping bus sheet pasting work - YouTube

I will hold down firmly with the spat to the bottom.

However, it is not necessary to paste the sheet, but there are things that you have to see to operate as a city bus. For example, an intercom and a panel that informs its existence. And a seal of "dangerous goods not allowed".

Such a part of the cock handle also cuts the seat.

People in the transportation department also checked that it became a great bus.

The rear sliding door is slightly recessed inward, but also wrapping its side parts tightly.

In the middle of this work,Fate / Zero's wrapping busIt got out.

The wrapping work of Tales of Bus rushed into the front of the third face.

Here the part where the Fate / Zero bus was still normal.

Rudga and El decorate the front. I notice that it is a wrapping bus at the point of running.

In order to stick firmly, I open the hood and crimp it with a spat until the part that bends inward.

Furthermore, paste the seat so that the underlayer can not be seen also in the bonnet and the space below it.

During work, I found a mysterious circular seal.

This is the hair part of Jude, parts cut out because there is a sign of Tokushima City Transit Authority.

Sheet of temporary placement on a ledge

As this part can not be attached well if it is only spatula, it means that it will paste according to the finishing work of the next day.

With this, only the rear part of the body has remained largely.

Removable obstacles have already been removed.

Paste two pieces here.

"Is there a preparedness for a girl to break the world?"

I finished work on day 1 when I temporarily fasten the seat.

The next morning, it became.

And on the second day ...

First we started from pasting the two sheets that were temporarily fastened.

When pasting is completed it is not completed ...... but finishing work is waiting.

While applying heat with a dryer, we will stretch wrinkles and crimp it.

Also the protruding part ......

I will stick paste with a dryer + spatula.

Although it seems that it has already been completed as far as it is from ...

Actually not much.

In order not to damage the original function, we will put a cutter in the part where cutting is necessary.

I will stick this part especially carefully. Because we can not crimp firmly because it will peel off from it when it rains or garbage arrives.

As if it is a bus of this color from the original, the edge of the cover part is firmly woven.

The handle is also original. It seems that it was purple here from the beginning.

In addition, the character that "Tales of Xillia 2" will be released on November 1 was added. Since only this character is a new seal, it is possible to make it "on sale well" after being released.

The Fate / Zero bus that showed up even during work on the second day

Tokushima City Transportation Bureau "Fate / Zero" wrapping bus to get out of car wash machine - YouTube

Because it is used for ordinary business driving, it is sometimes encountered in the town like this.

Also, another unusual bus that was seen on this day is "Tokusibas". Toksy isTokushima City Image Up CharacterSo the wrapping bus is running from the end of July.

As with Tales of Bus, it is 4 wrapping, but originally it was wrapping three sides except for the front like the Fate / Zero bus. However, the original Mayor who saw the bus decided to wrap 4 sides because it commented that "better wrapping the front"? In a sense, it may be said that Tales of Bus was the birthplace.

......, after working over two days, the wrapping bus of Tales of Exilia 2 was completed.

Right side + front. The deformed characters color the roadside side.

Left side + back side. Here are the characters of the head of the games as they are. By the way, wrapping itself is completed by this, but as a bus the wheels also change to the color that matches this wrapping.

What is stopping behind this ......

Coincidentally, the Fate / Zero bus came home and was resting.

Fate / Zero bus which was announced last year and announced operation for 1 year. As a result of the negotiations, it is decided that operation will continue in the future.

There may be opportunities to meet two wrapping buses at the same time in the town, possibly during this time Machi ★ Asobi period. The Tales of Xillia 2 wrapping bus has been declared as "TALES OF XILLIA 2 special service" as a shuttle bus connecting Tokushima Station - Shinmachi - Awaodori Kaikan.

In the in-car display, like the Fate / Zero bus, the original guide made for this is supposed to flow. As fun guidance voices are prepared by the characters, please do not miss the fans.

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