I saw a place where a wrapping taxi of "Fate / stay night" specification is born

Animation event "Saturday, September 27"Machi ★ Assortment Vol.13"Will begin. Since the first time in October 2009, we have held various events from planning of "It seems like an animated event" such as live concert, talk show, preceding screening to folk dance / dodge ball · tag game As one of them, this time it will be a wrapping taxi with "Fate / stay night" specification, which will start broadcasting from October 2014. Since I was able to see the production process this time, I went to the office of Tokushima Daiichi Traffic Co., which operated a taxi, to see the work.

Tokushima Daiichi Koso Co., Ltd.

Machi ★ Asobi - Seating for Fate / stay night Specifications The ride reservation for taxis will begin!

In Machi ★ Asobi in the past, at Vol.7 held in October 2011"Fate / Zero" wrapping busAt Vol.9 held in October 2012"Tales of Xillia 2" wrapping busI have run a wrapping cab for a taxi.

Mr. Urakawa who saw a wrapping bus operated by gore ★ Asobi said that he was talking to Takeo Urakawa, the representative director of Tokushima Daiichi Traffic who went to the wrapping work, "This taxi can also wrap? "I got a voice and cautioned me. Because the headquarters in Kitakyushu city is the first transportation, it is persuasion with a business person, it is the ones who realized to the realization through internal inquiry. Tokushima Daiichi Traffic is the first time to do such wrapping and in fact it did not know what kind of reactions the customer would react but this year it is a memorial for the opening of the Shikoku Shrine in 1200, so "entertainment" It was to do with the heart of.

So I arrived at the office of Tokushima Daiichi Traffic located in Tokushima city.

The object of wrapping is blackCrown Comfort. Tokushima Daiichi Traffic has three colors of black, white and yellow vehicles, but it was said that a black car was chosen considering how to match with lapping film.

First of all, before pasting the film, polish the bonnet and trunk that wraps.

Next, check the position of the wrapping film. The first thing to notice in the lapping operation is to "decide the position", if we take a perfect balance here, the completed wrapping will be beautiful.

So starting with wrapping from Shiro. Temporary fixation of film before pasting with magnet ......

Peel off the backside backing, start pasting.

I will paste air from the center toward the periphery so as not to bubble.

If we stretch the right side, the next is the left side.

Cut the edges up to the last minute, then fold back and paste on the back side.

The same is true for the other side. Elegant hands are sticking to the rear glass ... ...

It was Shiro's right hand. It is a craftsmanship as a result of thinking that the fan is disappointing that it is disappointing that the cursed spell can not be seen just by cutting the hand in a balanced manner and it is not possible to cut too much under the side, .

The illustration part shows the boundary between the body and the film, but the part which is not so stuck to the black body perfectly black film, it seems that the film is pasted from the base.

When the wrapping of the trunk is over, you go to the bonnet.

The bonnet is so big that Shiro's hands will enter well.

Position this again and peel off the backing half ... ...

Paste with kyukyu.

Since the hood has more curved surfaces than the trunk, I stick it carefully while stretching the film. This wrapping film stretches considerably with special materials, so it is a good place to be pasted without problem with some curves.

Paste half the paste and peel off all the mount ... ...

Paste the rest.

Subtle bumps are cut so that the film will not get caught.

The finishing of the wrapping is a work that loses bubbles while lightly applying hot air with a dryer.

The time it took to complete the Shiro's number was about 1 hour.

Next, Saber 's wrapping begins.

I will position and paste it as well as Shiro 's time.

Was it familiar to me that it was the second one, obviously the work speeded up.

As the wind was blowing, I quickly started the hood.

Paste advances with just feeling "Sassa".

The Saber was completed in less than 45 minutes from the start of work.

The craftsmen started the third Archer issue. Total of 7 machines are waiting so it is serious.

I am waiting for the turn.

On the other hand, the completed Shiro's number looks like this. A logo and red cursing shine will shine on the black body.

Because the character is on the driver's seat side, it may be difficult to shoot well when you see it in town.

This is Saber.

The taxi will be held from 9:30 on Saturday, 27th September at the opening of the Awaodori Hall in line with the opening of Machi ★ Asobi Vol.13 and started running at 10 o'clock. When getting in, "ride certification certificate" is issued for each vehicle so it may be better for a person who wants to ride "absolutely need to book in Tokushima Daiichi Traffic (088-654-8811) in advance. When making a reservation, when you tell "from where to get off and where you plan to get off" the dispatch will be done smoothly. Although it is said that it is planned to respond to the request "I want to ride a vehicle of this character", please check at reservation whether or not it is adjustable.

Shiro, what kind of wrapping other than Saber will be like to look forward to the show ceremony.

◆ Postscript: Unveiling ceremony
On 27th September the opening of the Machi ★ Asobi Vol. 13 and the ceremony for the wrapping taxi ceremony were held in front of the Awaodori Kaikan.

In the wrapping work on the 25th, Archer was seen only half way through the work

The word Wakami Pretty Wedding which was waiting for wrapping was also completed.


Because it is Unlimited Blade Works, I definitely want to ride the Rinka

And the remaining one is Sakura

Since the drivers are ordinary Ochchan, they are not familiar with the work to that extent, but while waiting they were parking linens and cherry blossoms side by side.

Taxi departs around 9:50

Lose your departure with a balloon

Taking a journey Wrapping taxi

When I asked the driver about the story, I also had a reservation with a request saying "I want to ride this car", especially that Shiro and Kono are popular. As Tokushima Daiichi Traffic basically does not pick up customers with "sink", because it is in the prescribed waiting place, those who say "I do not make a reservation but I want to ride if it can ride" are located in front of Tokushima station and Awaodori Kaikan Take a taxi stand next to the side Please try.

By the way,Tokijima City Transportation Bureau's "Tales of Xcelia 2" wrapping bus produced at the time Machi ★ Asobi Vol.9Since it is usually open, you can see the scenes where wrapping buses and wrapping taxis come across if there is a chance.

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