Tokushima Awa Odori airport becomes an animated cartoon color "Machi ★ Asobi Airport Jack" The whole story

The prefectural governor will respond to two-shot pictures with Hatsune MikuThere are some tremendous understanding of Tokushima prefecture's animation. "Tokushima Awa Odori Airport" which is the gateway to such prefecture,Following last yearFrom September 22nd I will be "Anime Jack".

Machi ★ Asobi vol.9 2012.09.22 ~ 10.8 held

The setting work was done the night before the airport Jack, on the night of 21st.

The Awa dance poster is also displayed at the airport

The building has 3 floors, the first floor is the baggage claim and arrival lobby, the third floor is the departure lobby and the boarding waiting room.

There are still about 2 arrival flights, but departure flights are over 19 o'clock ... ...

Brought in equipment from the outside one after another.

An assembled mobile scaffold

This is for replacing the banner hanging on the pillar

I will remove all Awa dance banners decorating the airport in normal times and replace it with an anime banner.

By the way, banner installation etc was done on this day, but at the airport arrival lobby end ......

Four types of illustrations used for past Awaodori posters were exhibited.

1st Floor

In the departure lobby on the second floor, installation of a large panel began

This was the one used for this year's Awa dance poster

You can see the size of the panel compared to the person under work

Next, the second piece.

"Heat" and "Wind", since two illustrations are completed so that one illustration is completed ......

I will keep pushing hard without any gaps

Put support on the back so as not to fall down ......


I feel like something from the outside but I am at work

Next to that ......

Installation of animation banner will proceed

There are some parts with smoke-proof walls near the ceiling, so cut the banner side and adjust it.

"February 21, 2013 released"Fate / Extra CCC"

Release on December 20, 2012 "Paradox of God and Fate Revolution"

I think whether it is a game feature collection, here "Empty boundary Future gospelBanner on decision to animate.

The next pillar is "Shellnosage"

"Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2"

"With Togo"

The last pillar was a color of Vanguard

When I was working on, the last two flights of today arrived one after another.

This is where ANA 287 flight arrived. When JAL 1443 flight arrives after this time today's flight is over. But the work continues irrespective of that.

Tales banner was prepared this time.

This is hanging in the boarding waiting room.

In Airport Animation Jack carried out in 2011, the boarding waiting room was dyed to Fate / Zero, this time the "Tales of" series.

There are also types that the characters are fully aligned ... ...

Character two person set + decided zelp, that is the basic style. this is"Tales of Xillia 2Thing of.

"Tales of Exilia"

"Tales of Vesperia"

"Tales of Symphonia"

This completes the work on the 3rd floor of the building, and we will continue to work on the 1st floor. As for the pillar part, like the second floor, we decided to remove the banner of Awa dance and install an animated banner.

Also, a stamp stand for the stamp rally is set up around the airport.

Hang a huge banner in the stairwell from the first floor to the third floor.

Although it was not the last time, a huge banner was also posted in the front of the arrival lobby this time.

While checking finely horizontal, we will balance the left and right.

A banner of a new project of UFO table × Starchild, which will be lifted on October 6. I am curious.

Installation of the huge banner is over and the lifting work is started.

Tokushima Awa Odori Airport Anime Jack Lifting up huge banner - YouTube

Last time we had four banners in front, this time we also posted a total of 12 cards together.

Looking from the departure lobby on the third floor, it looks like this

The power of the illustration will be misplaced if it exceeds the life size

Installation of three huge banners of arrival lobby has also been completed.

And installation of the first floor banner is nearly complete. "Kokoro Connect"

"PSYCHO-PASS psychopath"

"Phantom PHANTOM OF INFERNOWill be on sale on October 25.

"Five Star Story" special price Blu-ray released October 10

Both of these pillars are "GOTHICMADE Gothic Made flower poetry woman". It is a robot animation movie by Director Nago Nago, released on November 1.

"Tales of Symphonia" is scheduled to be released on October 24, Volume 3 of the OVA series "World Integration".

"Space Battleship Yamato 2199". Yamato is supposed to come to the airport from 25th September, saying "Just now, under the Yamato Calling Port".

"Arcana Familia"

And the work finally finally becomes one piece.

Remove this Awaodai banner ... ...

It is attached to "Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Alternative ONE Kobayashi Opera and 5 Paintings"

Stamp rally table as well ......

Ready with the stamp.

Airport jack work with gore ★ Asobi has been completed.

By the way, work was completed at 1 o'clock. Anime Jack will start from September 22, so if you have the opportunity to go to Tokushima please enjoy yourself carefully what the airport is like.

add to:
Since September 25, it is said that Yamato is on call at the airport, so I went to see it.

To the arrival lobby ......

Giant Yamato nearly 5 m in length

Even if I look down from above ......

Pretty huge

A panel of heroines was also prepared

There seems to be many people who are challenging the stamp rally at once, and there were many stamp marks on the stamp stand.

Gore ★ Asobi is held until October 8. Among them, from October 6th to 8th is "climax run", events, etc. are plentiful 3 days.

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