I saw the "Tokushima Awa Odori Airport" dyed in animation and games waiting for a huge Vajra

In conjunction with the opening of the animation event "Machi ★ Asobi Vol. 13" on September 27, Tokushima Awa Odori Airport, the nearest airport of the venue, will be "Anime Jack". On the evening of the 26th night before the opening day, I saw how the airport became stained with animation and games in a few hours.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.13 2014.09.27 ~ 10.13 held

The place of Tokushima Awaodori airport is Coco, it is around 30 minutes by bus from Tokushima Station.

The time is past 19 o'clock and there are still departures and arrival flights, so the car is parked quite a lot in the parking lot.

Departure lobby on the third floor. The flight of this day is over for the flight to Fukuoka departing at 19:20 and the departure Tokyo at 19:30.

Although there are still arrival flights, firstly, in order to decorate the departure lobby, loading of luggage began after 19:30.

This huge panel belongs to the Awa dance poster set on the third floor.

A lot of things are being carried.

The previous panel also arrived on the third floor.

As the departure flight became zero, there were no people waiting in the lobby so we will continue to work more and more.

Firstly, in the departure lobby, a panel of 2014 Awaodori poster was set up. Anime Jack started in 2011 and it is the 4th time this year, but it was the first time that the poster became 4 set, and if we set up a panel that suits it, it will be such a huge thing ....

It is seen from the escalator going from the first floor to the third floor. Anyway, it is huge.

Even from the outside this presence.

The parts that have been brought here ......

It was a foothold for attaching a pillar banner.

Installation proceeds one after another.

A banner set up far from the pillar next to the part where the panel was installed.

"Fate / hollow ataraxia"

"Fruit of Grisaia"

"Exile in Paradise" and "Shiro Hime Quest"

Furthermore, "Makai Senki Disgaea 5"

There is a boarding waiting room on the 3rd floor with this panel, and 9 types of Fate / stay night banners were installed inside. Since the waiting room is beyond the baggage inspection site, it is not possible to check near the people other than those riding the plane from Tokushima.

However, this time samples are prepared on what kind of banner is installed in the waiting area, so even people who do not go inside can see the picture.

At that time, on the first floor, Bandai Namco GamesYusuke TomizawaProducer arrived. I am about to exhibit "Vodara" of "God Eater" exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2014 at the airport.

Vajra which is housed compactly by "Bangnam wonder technology".

As Mr. Tomizawa himself tweeted, he was working alone.

Looking at that from the top, it seems that Mr. Tomizawa hunted Vajra.

During the installation work, the one who showed up at the airportSushi. TwitCasting Alerts

As the installation work on the 3rd floor was completed, the scaffold moved to the 1st floor and resumed attaching the banner. The word "compromise death" launched a project called "Kamikaze Gibara Film"Kamikaze videoBy. Kamikaze Movie is a TV anime "JoJo's Bizarre AdventureIt is a production company that is in charge of the opening animation of.

"Knight of Sydney" "In an everyday system an extraordinary battle"

"PSYCHO-PASS psycho pass 2"

"Aldnoah Zero" "Bahamut GENESIS of Shinko"

"Trinity Seven"


Tokushima-born voice actor, Nanami Yamashita, "Seeking the lost future". This time, Ms. Yamashita's banner was only one of the "middle man", so it was quite conspicuous.

This is "Nendoroid Tianjin style"

"Mushishi successive chapter"

"Wimpy pedal GRANDE ROAD"

Once the banner installation at the top of the pillar is over, the establishment of a huge banner hanging in the arrival lobby which is the last, the colonnade is waiting.

Fix it up and raise it up and check if adjacent banners overlap. Even if there is no problem at the time of installation, there is considerable weight when lifting because there is a length of 6 m, small deviation will have a big influence.

However, because I have already experienced banner many times, corrections are minimal, and this work is completed in a fairly short time.

Vajra who crawls under the banner also gradually and power (air) is put in ... ...

I regained a powerful figure to the extent that I thought that overly diligence was being used too much.

Tomizawa producer who installed it stands in front of Vajra, but how big is Vajra at all ...?

Although touching is prohibited, it is possible to take a picture quite a bit so it is possible to take pictures of full power.

As you enter the airport building you are decorated with banners, so please visit those who can go to Tokushima Awaodori Airport by all means.

In that case, do not forget the 3rd floor Awa dance poster and huge panel.

By the way, at the same time as the installation work of this airport Anime Jack, Asagaya Loft A held Machi ★ Asobi Vol.13 Eve Sunday Festival.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.13 Eve aged festival - 2014/09/26 19:30 start - Nico Nico Live broadcast

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