I went to "HMZ Immersion Pleasure Research Institute" where you can experience the world of the Ghost in the head-mounted display realistically

A new model released on October 13 (SUN) 2012 of the head-mounted display "Personal 3D Viewer" with a dynamic virtual widescreen of the movie theater class spreads out in front of youHMZ-T2"Was specially designed"PROTOTYPE-SR"But"Tokyo Game Show 2012"I decided to actually wear it and experience" immersive pleasure ".

Notice | Head mounted display | Sony

This is a "Immersion pleasure laboratory".

"PROTOTYPE-SR" is on display, so I could see it as a serious magmaji from nearby.

I feel like I'm wearing a sun visor.

In terms of image, "ghost in the ShellIt looks like a head mounted display that comes out in ".

It is characterized by having no camera in "HMZ - T2", and it is a mechanism to let the subject experience the photographed image and the reality without distinction by mixing real - time first person video with pre - recorded video. furtherHead racking sensorBy having it, you can feel more realism.

Head pad on the inside.

Although it is easy to understand from the bottom, it is designed to be firmly fixed to the face, is designed to block the light from the surroundings and improve the immersion feeling. Also, I can see a gyro sensor.

The inside of the booth is pure white, sitting in a chair that is set up and experiencing it.

I will take a lecture first at your sister.

In fact it is like this. I can not feel the weight as I thought, and I can firmly fix it, so there is nothing to worry about the gap.

Ready to wear headphones.

When I actually experienced it, it was almost indistinguishable whether the image in front of me was real or virtual. For example, in 3D stereoscopic images seen at movie theaters and the like, I feel a sense of incongruity that makes me drunk when I'm watching for a while, but I do not know that even though the picture is taken of what is shown in front of me You can see with a three-dimensional feeling as much, just feeling "immersive pleasure". Not only visual but also 5.1 channel virtual surround can be experienced by headphones, auditory feeling is good and the presence is coming out, so its effect will be doubled. The following pictures are the pictures that people actually see are watching. It is impossible to tell if you touch it because it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a photographed image or the real one.

Although it becomes spoiler, the following will be helpful for the picture actually experienced.

Head mounted display "PROTOTYPE-SR" at TGS 2012 Experience landscape - YouTube

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