The noodles of this time are fighting with the umami of the meat, I have enjoyed the slick taste of misdo "meat soba" and "tomato noodles"

"Soup with rich mixture of pork flavors"Meat soba"(399 yen including tax) and toppings of sweet meat miso"Bamboo noodles"(399 yen including tax) was released on Monday, September 18 (Tue). I decided to go to eat at once because I was supposed to be a new menu of "Mr. Dim Sum", which has a response to eating.

(PDF file)A new product with plenty of volume and plenty to eat! September 18 (Tuesday) "Meat soba" "Bamboo noodles" released

Arrived at Misty.

I found a poster for this time's "meat soba".

On the desk is a pop of "Bonin noodles".

I finally came in 5 minutes to place an order and wait.

First of all, boiled pigs ridden plenty "from the meat soba".

A chopped onion for condiments.

Boiled pigs ......


The soup is simple but there is a drinking response because the flavor of the pork is well riding.

Noodles may want a little bit more. However, the soup often looks at the texture made into a slipperie with fine noodles.

Soup and noodles are also good, but I felt the most punch in the taste of this boiled pig. The lean part is firmly taste impregnated inside while the chewiness is present, the part of the fat is soft and it is good with a torrotic texture. It is a rich taste, but because it is sliced, it was eaten without feeling persistent.

Next is "Bamboo noodles" reminiscent of hot red shades.

Sweet meat miso is topping, and noodles are fine noodles as well as "meat soba".

Stir meat miso well ......

Let us eat I could not feel harder than I thought, but rather felt strong acidity. The meat in the meat miso has a taste and texture that is contrasting with a bit of soft noodle.

Soup seems to have a little sesame flavor, but it has little spicy. It seems to be unsatisfactory for those who expect the spicyness to become "Heat", but it might be good for people who want to enjoy the sour soup with a sour taste savory.

In addition, there are seasonings such as pepper and pea board sauce in ramen shop etc, you can adjust the taste to your preference, but if it is a misdo, it can not be that way so I would like to expect something in the future.

Since these menus are only offered at stores offering "Mr. Dim Sum", if you are going to eat, are you doing at the target shop?Firmly examinedIt seems better to have one.

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