"Firefox 15" official release, improved memory management and PDF viewer included

ByAmumiya Yumu

Memory usage when using add-ons or continuing browsing for a long time was greatly reduced, and it was possible to view PDF directly with PDF viewer implemented with HTML 5 and JavaScriptFirefox 15"Has been released.

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Firefox 15 Release Notes

The main changes are as follows.

○ New function
- In Windows, it supports a silent update that updates automatically in the background.
· Supported SPDY network protocol v3.
- Improvement of WebGL function, such as correspondence of compressed texture which improves performance.

○ Change
· Optimized memory usage of add-on.

○ Developer
· The JavaScript debugger was integrated into the development tool.
· A new layout view has been added to the inspector.
· High precision event timer was implemented.
· CSS word-break property was implemented.
· Responsive design tool which can switch the desktop layout of the site and mobile layout has been added.

- It corresponded natively to Opus audio codec.
· It corresponds to the played attribute of the audio / video element.
- It corresponds to the media attribute of the source element.

○ Correction
· Solved the problem that the focus ring (the dotted line displayed around the focused element) gradually becomes thicker by repeating the focus movement of the element with the tab key.

◆ New features and improvements
Firefox 15 improves memory management and implements a system that releases the memory used by the closed tab even if the addon keeps holding references to the objects in the page. For example, if you are using Firebug 1.9.1, PicPasso 1.0.1, LoL 1.5, Youtube rating preview 1.03, Enter Select 7, Link Resolve, AutoPager, Fixed an issue in which memory was not released when closing.

When you compare the state of 151 pages using SiteAdvisor 3.4.1 in Firefox 14 and 15 and the amount of used memory after closing 150 tabs, Firefox 15 on the right side of the following graph uses it after closing the tab The memory has decreased to about 1/5.

In addition, you can now browse the PDF directly from the browser without using the plugin. However, there are PDFs that can not be seen yet.

In order to set PDF so that it can be viewed directly from Firefox, first enter "about: config" in the input form of URL, press Enter, and click "use with extreme caution".

Double click on "pdfjs.disabled" and change from true to false to complete the setting.

Another setting screen can be displayed in the tab. For example, the following option opened in a separate window like this ... ...

In this way you can set it in the tab.

To make the setting, enter "about: config" in the input form of the URL, press Enter, and click "use with extreme caution".

Double click on "browser.preferences.inContent" and change from false to the value of true, the setting is complete.

For web developers, new tools such as JavaScript debugger, responsive design view, layout view are added, and web development can be done with only standard developer tools. For Web standard support, it corresponds to High Resolution Time, Opus voice codec, Device Storage API, and corresponds to default parameters and rest parameters of functions that will be standardized in next-generation JavaScript.

In the Android version, you can import bookmarks and history from standard browsers, respond to in-page search and text copying in the page, and the operability of page switching has also improved. For web developers, we are now able to develop new web applications that correspond to proximity sensors and light sensor events.

◆ Manual update
If you want to update it immediately, click "About Firefox" from "Help" though it will be updated automatically though

Click "Confirm software update".

Updated to "Firefox 15".

◆ Firefox 16
In "Firefox 16", Imremental GC which was sent off with "Firefox 15" is implemented, and animation of web application games which continues to process a large amount of data will be smoothed, and great improvement will be made in terms of performance. The release schedule is October 9th.

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