The world's first 3D-printed racing car records 140 km / h

In March 2012A very small racing car was made with a 3D printerHowever, 3D printing technology also covers the larger one. In the event called "Formula Student" to train next generation engineers,Formula Group TCreated the world's first racing car "Array on" that we output with a 3D printer and participated in the race. It is possible to actually drive not only looks but also that it recorded a speed of 140 km / h.

Formula Group T scores at Hockenheim - Group T

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Named after Greek mythology, this racing car, named Areion, was born of a blend of technological innovation and green technology. Formula Group T is located in Leuven, BelgiumGroup TIt is a racing team focusing on the research team of the university called "Group T engineer", machine design by three-dimensional moldingMaterializeEngineer team in charge

The point which became a point in the car body design is the size. Using Materialize's gigantic stereolithography machine you can make parts up to 2100 mm × 680 mm × 800 mm, but of course this alone can not 3D print the entire body. So, Materialize engineer team took advantage of the experience gained through various 3D printing projects and presented the idea of ​​how to join parts together. It seems that it was only three weeks from the start of car body design to completion of 3D printing.

Huge stereolithography machine

In making the car body, it was considered that it can be easily assembled and that it can be easily accessed internally for maintenance. In the nose part, the material used for cutting edge swimsuits was used like a shark's skin, and a composite cooling circuit was packed in the left and right side pods.

Formula Student

Germany'sHockenheimringArrayon was first introduced to actual warfare at Formula Student Germany 2012 held in.

The acceleration time from the start to 100 km / h is only 4 seconds, the top speed is 141 km / h, and Arrayon showed performance that is inferior to ordinary cars by the car that was 3D printed was 11th as a result of the race.

After this, BritishSilverstone CircuitWe also participated in the race held at. The score here was 52nd but it was chosen as the "Teamwork Award" provided by Airbus Company and got a prize of 500 pounds (about 62,000 yen).

After that, I am concerned about safety.

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