At the 86th National Fireworks Competition Competition 'Okago Fireworks', I saw the day fireworks section such as smoke dragons and smoked chickens

One of the three big fireworks festivals in Japan "Omaki's fireworks"Will celebrate 86 times in the 102 th year of this year. It is the most prestigious in Japan and the largest in the world. nowLevel in the worldI decided to actually see the artworks of the best fireworks of this "large fireworks fireworks" which is said to have evolved into.

Nationwide Fireworks Competition Tournament "Okago Fireworks Official Site" | Okugo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Arrived at Omagari station on the Tohoku Shinkansen "Komachi".

According to the official program, it is nearest to Akita Airport in case of using an airplane and Omagari interchange in case of using highway.

It was said that nearly 400 people were on "Komachi" to see the great fireworks.

People came down one after another.

It was arrival in the morning, but you can see many people already. The number of visitors on the day of the fireworks display is over 700,000, and it seems to be very crowded around the venue including the station. Even if you try to use a car, it is difficult to secure a parking lot because the Akita Expressway on the highway is congested, so it is recommended to use the train.

It is a distance of about 30 minutes on foot from the Omagari station to the venue.

From the station go through the embankment of the Maruko River to the venue.

There were lots of the following tents on the streets, it seemed that they took up places in the daytime and were waiting till the night in the shade. The highest temperature of this day exceeds 31 degrees, and it is likely that it will be a heavy burden on the body to spend the night without sunlight in the scorching sun.

At about 3 pm, the number of people has increased sharply.

Since the road is narrow along the embankment, let's walk slowly and carefully.

Also the figure of a person bringing a beer server.

The venue is on the banks of the Omegawa river.

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Arrived at the venue. Many stalls have already opened.

Although it is still daytime, a fragrant smell was rising from the stalls.

At the back of the tent is a chargeable bleacher.

Because it is expected to be quite congested on the day, I tried to apply for this ticket for the "individual viewing seats", so it was already sold out as of August 14, and "The application reception has ended" Characters are posted.

Police officers were being guarded.

People are getting densely so that there is no gap in the evening.

Many people are waiting on the tent in the hall. In the meantime the afternoon department starts.

The fireworks for daytime fireworks are only large fireworks throughout the country.Smoke dragonFireworks that colorfully embellish patterns in the sky by making use of color smoke (red, yellow, blue, green, purple) instead of light of night,Smoked chrysanthemumYou can see fireworks that draw chrysanthemum petals called smoke with smoke.

When the day fireworks department ends, this time it is the night fireworks section with the oversized star Mine of the finale.

"Fireworks nationwide nationwide" of Akita Omagari where 2,000 fireworks color the night sky Photo & amp; Movie Report - GIGAZINE

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