"Fireworks nationwide fireworks display" of Akita Omagari where 2,000 fireworks color the night sky Photo & Movie Report

It is held in Daisen city, Akita prefectureNational Fireworks Games, Commonly known as "Omaki's fireworks"Boasts a history of more than 100 years, and nearly 800,000 people gather from all over Japan, it is a grand summer tradition. so,"Japan's three big fireworks festivalIn order to ascertain how much the event counted as one of the events is, I actually decided to go to the site.

Daytime fireworks sectionFollowing the night's hanging down, the night fireworks section begins.

There is a moon in the sky.

The venue where nearly 800,000 people are filling up is like this.

Naiyagara and fireworks rise at the same time and the night fireworks departs.

The place of launch and the banquet room are nearby, and surroundings are surrounded by mountains, so a huge powerful screech sounds.

Please check the colorful fireworks burning in the night sky together below.

Movie can be seen below at the oversized star Mine of the finale.

"Fireworks of Omagari" Finale and Oversized Star Mine Shot - YouTube

Ootama No. 7 with 100 consecutive Special Star Mine - YouTube

Special program by the winner of the Prime Minister's Prize 2011 "Come to the world of dreams !!" - YouTube

That's why the fireworks of great power are launched soon, and there are no towns and buildings that emit strong light around them, so fireworks are very beautifully seen, and even such as Starmine, It is a level competition that you can say that you want to see once in your lifetime, even if you do not like fireworks because it is content of powerful full marks.

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