Eternal "adult division activities" that do not stop even after graduation are necessary for establishment of online community

last year's"Things to do in order to make online games "like fun without explanation"Following,CEDEC 2012AtBasic knowledge of in-game communication design in online game eraIn the title ofDrop WaveofKotaro HonjoGave a lecture. Successful titles refer to "Foundations of thinking in-game communication in online games" and "Communication functions absolutely necessary in online games" to solve community design troubles, which is the wall that stands next to billing design of online games It is content to be learned.

【Drop wave】 cedec 2012 "Basic knowledge of in-game communication design in the online game era"

Everyone kept you waiting. I would like to start a session from this. DropWave Co., Ltd. Kotaro Honjo will speak with you. Thank you.

Kotaro Honjo:
Thank you.

Today's lecture is "Basic knowledge of in-game communication design in the online game era". First, when I introduce myself, originallyConsumer gamesAlthough I was a programmer, I wanted to develop online games all the time. So I started a company called DropWave seven years ago and I am running a company that is developing online games and social games on that trend. Mainly for online games for browsersMobage (Mobage)We develop and operate well-known items such as so-called social games. The most famous one was developed jointly with Mr. Nitere and DeNA "Escape game DERO!That is,Refreshing !!Etc, and games that one million people gathered in about a week are managed.

Originally called an engineer, I run a company that can make server games and others of online games in-house and make all online games from server to client.

Today, I applied for an hour session, but after 30 minutes session, I wanted to explain from the chat tool necessary for consumer game developers, but I omitted the basic explanation We will focus on successful titles. As for the purpose of this lecture, many of consumer developers have never made online games, so I do not know how to make in-game communication absolutely, I do not know the importance, how do I incorporate them I think that it is often that I do not know. Actually making it may be an online game, but it is something like an offline game (consumer game), the community does not get excited and it fails. I made the same mistake in the online game I made for the first time. I think that online games will increase from now on, so I hope to tell you that "communication is important" and "I will incorporate it in the game like this" so that everyone will not make the same mistake . The target of this lecture is to planner · director who has been making consumer games, trying to make online game, but "If you put in online game, chat · bulletin board · message function · home delivery system · guild system I am targeting those who are lightly thinking that the community will not get excited appropriately ". As a table of contents, I would like to enter "summary" by "final goal of community formation in online game" and "community design analysis of successful title".

First of all, I would like to tell from the story "What is the ultimate goal of community formation in online games?"

The reason why a community is necessary for online games is because it is a game genre premised on long-term play that online games play for several months to several years. Continuing to play a game for one person for ten years is difficult if it is not a good mania, but there are quite a few online games titles that have been playing for over ten years actually, and the user who is still playing now There are a lot of people and it is also established on a commercial basis. If you summarize the difference between the online game and the offline game in three, the first one is "whether game contents are regularly updated" and whether there is an update or not. The second one is "I have a presence in the game that I can call friends." And the third is "whether you can form what you can call assets in the game". These three are a big difference between offline games and online games. For the purpose of talking about the formation of a community this time, the main content is "Whether there is a presence in the game to call friends".

First of all, what I mean by "whether there is a friend to call in a game" means an emotion that I feel like doing an online game. "Because I became indebted to him, I have to give back my gifts" "I do not want to lose to other players, so I will do my best today." "Because I have promises with everyone, I have to log in"guildWhen I talk with my colleagues, it's the most fun, so let's go talking today. "" I'm tired of being an honest game, but as I start getting into the game, I can still meet friends, so I'll keep going on " It means that it will be "a state where there is a presence that can be called a friend in the game." Whether or not you can embrace the feeling that the player has just explained for the game you created. By the way, have you ever felt similar emotions in the past?

That is a club activity. For example, in the case of the basketball club, there is a clear goal to be achieved that wishes to win in Interhei, and some have a common goal. In order to achieve the goal, we need to cooperate with our colleagues, we need to practice together, go out to the game and cooperate with our colleagues, we can not achieve our goal. Also, there are other rival teams of other schools and those who do not want to be defeated, one feat is recognized by their companion, and there is myself needed. And I think that I want to talk forever even after club activities ended There are friends who can talk about anything in the same circumstances. Kooyu club activities were really funny. Even if you become an adult, even if club activities become games, this fun is similar. The ultimate goal of community formation in online games is the subject of this chapter, but that is to make your game "adult division activities". You do not have to quit after you graduate from school. It is an adult club activity that can be active forever. This is a necessary condition for the player to play your game for a long time, and it is a goal of community design.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)There are many things to talk about, so I do not want to talk much, but if you talk a little bit, if you have friends in the game after all, the continuation rate will rise and the likelihood of commercial success will also increase . So if you get as much communication as possible within the game, and if you make a lot of friends in it, the probability of a successful game will be increased with Gun.

So, how can you make a game an adult clubbing? Just by introducing a communication tool to the game, no community will be born. By carefully incorporating a mechanism in which communities are born within the game system, a deep community will be formed for the first time. In this lecture we will explore the points to make your game of "adult division activity" while picking up two titles that incorporate a very excellent community design in the game design .

It is a digression, but the story of the basketball club in the past is fictitiousRear fillingIt is a delusion that modeled on. As a matter of fact, a sports teenage mistake entered the exercise department by mistake in junior high school era, and I thought that it would be nice to die for all those who can exercise, I sent a youthful age of darkness. Taking advantage of that lesson, I placed a departmental activity and a distance in high school and after going to school every day I went to a couple of weeks and sent a fun youthful age with real fellows who can talk to each other in fighting fighting games and with fists.

Then we will enter the community design analysis of the successful title.

As a game with particularly good community design, we will explain the following two titles as an example. One is "Fantasy earth zero". It is a game called so-called FEZ. Another is "A legend's climateIt is a game called. Everyone may not know much, but it is a social game distributed on Mobage. Both titles are commercially viable successes and are titles that are still being played by many players. Let's start with FEZ (Fantasy Earth Zero) first.

It is from the outline of fantasy earth zero. In a bit more detail, FEZ is an online action RPG that focuses on interpersonal warfare by 50 vs. 50, so dozens of people will be on the screen,MMORPGI think, eventually 50 to 50MORPGis. It is such a game that fantasy world players wage war with 50 to 50 while using magic or sword. In the game, the nation is divided into five. When you start the game, you choose a favorite country from among the five characters and fight to win the hell's war as a soldier who serves the king of that country. Once there is a map like a simulation game, like a campaign battle, this map is belonging to that country, which is a fight for the campaign, but even if you dominate the whole area, there is no big merit It is. Also, even if you take all the position, it will not ruin. In the sense that it is a game where war is done endlessly. 50 action games are not only to knock down but to be commonFPSLike a fighting game like a battle game, it is a unique game with a strong simulation element fighting game, like "you can win if you destroy the opponent's position", as well as killing your opponent.

FEZ 's erotic place. First of all, the game is very interesting. As you can understand it, as a strategy game, as a competing action, it is a very high level game. Avatar is also cute. The game is full-blown and has a fond response. Before talking about community design first, the game must be funny. No matter how much the community design is done, no one will continue as long as the game is damn gay. As a condition for forming a deep community, it is a major premise that the game itself is interesting. Let's start community design analysis of FEZ. As a matter of note, this analysis is not an interview with the producer, but a third party's "my own analysis", so please understand.

First, the community design analysis of FEZ Part 1. That "the guild has been established from the beginning". Since the purpose of the game is a territorial dispute among the nations, right after registering the character, there are a lot of fellows who belong to the state = guild and have the same purpose. When entering club activities at school, there are seniors and classmates, there is a rival high school, and there is a goal of interheay, it is similar to a situation where fellows with such same goal can do it all at once. First of all, as one of the points you can use in your game, please consider one place where you can not let the player feel the community like the guild from the beginning.

Part 2. "To win the war between nations," the purpose of the guild "=" the main dish of the game "is the place". By doing this, the goal to advance the game perfectly coincides with the goal's goal, contributing to the guild, just contributing to the guild, helping the colleagues, and collaborating will be done naturally. As a checkpoint that can be used for your game, it is good to make a guild, but has not it come to pass? There are quite a few things though. Even if you put a guild on the gamut too much regardless of the game system, it will not get much excitement. The most important point is whether the purpose of the guild and the purpose of the game perfectly match. When creating a guild system, do not remove this point.

Analysis part 3. "Cooperative play in real time is the premise of gaming preference". The purpose of the game is to win in the war with the enemy country, but cooperative play with 50 or more teammate players is necessary for that purpose. It is a large version of football fighting as if it were 11 people. Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of the game, it is necessary to have mutual communication between team players and a strategy meeting in advance, and it is necessary to take solidarity while conducting conversation frequently even during the game. Just playing once creates a situation where you can talk to multiple teammate players and play together in cooperation. Towards the same goal, friends who shared the same time will have irreplaceable sense of solidarity and deepen their relationships. The checkpoint that you can use in your game is whether or not the main part of the game is premised on cooperative play with friends.

Recently"Diablo 3I am doing, but as a part which can not be evaluated, the game will be advanced even if I do not cooperate with my friends at all. If an individual player is too strong and matches with a person who does not understand at all, it will go forward in a silent manner and the boss will be defeated without permission, suddenly the demonstration has started, even if there is no sense of accomplishment The situation is that the talk is progressing. Diablo 3 is an online game,NPC (non-player character)Instead of having people there is no conversation. This FEZ is like a soccer game, all of us work together, turn around here, turn around and so on, although it is a game that can not win unless we advance it, we must take communication with our colleagues properly. Not only is it just necessary to throw people from the guilds alone into the same field, but also the point that we need a strategy conference is also a good point in order to achieve the purpose of the game.

Analysis part 4. It is that "experts are provided motivation to take care of newcomers". The war of FEZ will be the all-out warfare of all the players belonging to the nation, so to fulfill the purpose of the game it is necessary to nurture and establish new members. Therefore, for advanced users who really want to achieve the purpose of the game seriously, there is a motivation to support beginners to achieve the purpose. Indeed, a culture is formed in which advanced people hold original workshops for beginners, gifts of advanced weapons are no longer used by beginners, and so on. Because FEZ is an action game, there are several actions that are difficult to climb up the terrain rather than a few. In order to teach difficult actions to beginners, it is written on the bulletin board that "I will somehow climb the slope climbing training in the field from 22 o'clock" today. Truly an advanced person tells while talking about like "I climb like this" about 5 people who are beginners. Such a culture is formed. I think this is a unique culture of FEZ. For beginners, motivation to work harder is born to reward the senior players who took care of them. However, as a game property, if it is said that the hurdle is high to incorporate so far, the social game "Kaito Royale", I use a method that gets a title of" Ashinaga Oka "when I give a gift to a player with a lower level than I am. Just by doing these measures, the expert who wants to complete the title wants to find a beginner for the time being and presents the hemisphere for the time being, but beginners say "I gave something", "I am glad", "Thank you" Occur. It is good to incorporate these things. As a checkpoint that can be used in your game, is not it a game that can achieve your goal alone? Secondly, please refer to the two points whether incentives for helping beginners are prepared.

Analysis 5. "Common topics are always provided to the community." As the guild's goal is simple and it also coincides with the objective of the game title, all players have a common topic of "How can you win the war?" Therefore, various levels of players on the bulletin board can rise with common topics. The topic is provided by game contents. MMORPG has too many things to do and it makes it hard to know what to talk about on the bulletin board and those who like certain things get excited by chatting among those who like it, It's pretty rough. As FEZ makes the game very simple, everyone can be excited about the topic of how to win the war. Here is the big difference between FEZ and other games. I think the goal of the game is simple, and it is a very wonderful point that everyone has a common goal. It is the same as club activities, seniors and juniors discuss the contents of club activities. Is not it simple as a game like a tennis department or a basketball club? It is similar to the atmosphere that we do it all, and each other will raise the level. The simpler the content, the easier the topic will be common. Checkpoints that can be used in your game Does the guild's goal be defined simply? It is whether it is becoming a game property that can be taught by advanced and beginners.

Analysis part 6. "There is a mechanism that even beginners can contribute". In the action part of FEZ, when a beginner is on the front line, it receives a very great pressure. Just as beginners try to fight fighting games into chaos, the front line is a terrifying place for beginners. Nonetheless, if you do not do this you will not be able to foster beginners, so even if you do not go to the front line, there is a job called "Crystal digging" that sits on the role of people. Digging a crystal will allow you to call out a summoned beast. The enemy does not come, but just sitting in the position of yourself, once every 10 seconds, Chalin Chalin comes into the event. I will pass it over to those who came back from the front line saying "Crystal 10". Then I say "thank you" "bad" and go back. Such a feeling, the person who got the crystal gets summoned beasts on the front line, and the beginner is sitting in his position and it is said that the beginner is appreciated while being told "Yes, there is". For beginners, even having a war has a lot of courage, but everyone says, "Even sitting at first may be OK". There is such a beginner relief system. Also, the summoned beast that can be called up when the crystal gets stored is very powerful, but it has the feature of easy operation. So even beginners who are not familiar with operations can fight on the front line. Summoned beasts are overwhelming, so even if a beginner uses a summoned beast to fight against a front line player with his arms standing, it will not lose even if he can not beat him. In this way, it is characteristic that policies that can lower the threshold to get used to games and can participate in the community smoothly are struck. Do checkpoints that you can use in your game include a mechanism for beginner relief? Even beginners, it is a place where it is balanced to be properly implemented as a game even if it is combined with a veteran suddenly.

Summary. Although FEZ 's service has been running for more than six years. "WebMoney Award 2011"Winning" Best Games Award ", it is a very successful title that still keeps popularity as the first line online game. The secret of long-term success is not only the fun of the game, but I think that the game itself is the result of "adult division activity" conversion to the player. With stunning game design,square EnixWithGame potI think that the management efforts of the company are raw. It is a very helpful title in community design, so please try playing and researching.

Next, I will analyze "the legendary climate". It is a social game now managed by Mobage, but this is the game screen. I suppose there are four characters here, but this is a character of view. As a chick or slime comes from Pew from the left side, it attacks everyone for a certain period of time and it starts to flicker. If slime enters on the right side, the operation fails. If you can stop all of the slime and so on, it is a clear and simple tower defense system RPG. In this game, I have only one player. The later three players will borrow. I would like to talk that there is a mechanism to deepen the community very much in the mechanism of borrowing.

Overview 2. "Legendary Mamoritari" is a game (seems to be) believed to be starting out the highest level of long-term continuation rate among all social games. It is also a tremendous sales. There is no guild system, and we adopt a friend system that is common in social games, where friends are connected with a spider's nest. FEZ was a guild game where the goals of all players were perfectly matched. The legendary climate has succeeded in building a game system that creates a strong community, although it is more loosely connected than FEZ. Regarding this title, we did not interview the producer but only "I am doing arbitrary analysis", please understand.

Analysis part 1. "Game nature that would benefit overwhelmingly with the help of people." This game is a game that defends enemy invasion with a total of four people, one character full and three friends. If you do not have a friend, you can take three NPCs instead of a friend, but NPC is not very strong. If you have friends who have registered friends you will be able to take them with you, so you will inevitably bring along your friends who have registered friends. Quests that can not be absolutely cleared by themselves, if overwhelmingly strong colleagues are present, can be cleared up more and more. Those who took a strong character gratefully thanked the people who got a strong feeling of letting me lend a strong character, and for those who were brought up, I thought that there was a way I was forged by using a trained character I can do it. Then, after the battle is ended, the command "thanks" to thank you will be displayed and you can send a message as a means of communicating appreciation to all the people you took. By building people's cooperation with the grand balance of the major premises, we are building a mechanism whereby the community is excited by the appreciation of gratitude. Do you borrow someone's resources, such as borrowing characters from other players as a checkpoint that you can make use of, and powerful elements that you can play? Also, is there a mechanism for firmly communicating words of gratitude to the person who borrowed the resource?

Since I do not have time, I will roll it. Design Analysis Part 2. "There is an asynchronous game design that allows you to feel tied with just login time." In order to take fellow players to their quests, in a mechanism that must be logged in 30 minutes or 1 hour before the player starts a quest, even if there are 100 friends, no one can play that game Otherwise, no one can take. Conversely if someone logged in 5 minutes ago. That person can be taken. It has become such game nature. When I want to take a friend's character with this, I will announce that "Everyone will try this quest at 5 o'clock tomorrow, so please everyone." Then I logged in at about 4:50 pm and then I got such a game nature that I could bring a character. If you were logging in properly. "Oh, thanks for logging in" I feel that the feeling that I can grow up.

In Part 3, there is "Easy to use people just by logging in". Just by logging in, it has become a game property that brings various benefits besides being taken to a friend. So you can motivate you to log in even if you do not have one. Even if you told my friends to help others, I usually have to log in to the online game at that time and have to play for about an hour, but this game is OK just to play the game. That place is very easy. Just by launching the game, being able to contribute to a friend can be said to be the true value of a social game designed not to strain the player. As a checkpoint that can be utilized in your game, can you incorporate a mechanism that can be useful for people with easy means? Does the player feel a burden if there is a request for assistance from another person? Please check if the player does not say "This game's support is too painful."

Analysis part 4. "The more you help people, the more games you become advantageous." I am told that people are thankfully, but this is counted and it is structured to increase after logging in the next day. That's why the game will not proceed if it is useless for people. The point is interesting. It is not a point that you get points at the moment when you are thrown away, and it is a waste not to log in the next day by rolling over to the next day. So it also leads to an increase in the continuation rate the next day. That is good.

Analysis 5. "There is a patrol to other players in the main cycle of the game." Since this explanation is long, omitting it, if you go to other people's page more and more, you can earn experience value. It's just this, but getting experience has a big impact on the game's main cycle. It is a very important point that we can get to know other people 's experience by simply traveling around in other people' s room and just going around saying Arigato, you can earn experience value.

It will be summarized. The legendary climb is designed not only for conductors that can interact with and cooperate with other players, but also for the game to occur repeatedly thanks to other players. When you become a core user, the motivation to charge will be others. It is a wonderful game that sublimates the community to the point that "I want to charge for him, so I want to charge". Come and try it all out.

Although it is a summary of today, please think that it is natural for online games to provide fulfilling communication means in the game such as chat, bulletin board, message function, home delivery function etc. By integrating the game system and the community element on it, the community of the online game will be activated for the first time. In summary, "Designing a game system and communication at the same time is an online game", and "Make your game skillfully" make adult division activities "and make a game that you want to keep playing for the rest of your life!" about it.

that's all. Thank you very much.

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