Freeze-dried "Fragrant curry" that can be eaten in just 10 seconds just by hot water

Just warm water and stir it for 30 seconds OKCurry potAlthough I mentioned earlier, go further up than that, complete with only 10 seconds with warm watercurryBecause I got it, "Aroma chicken curry"Fragrant vegetable curry"Aroma green curry"(315 yen for each tax included), I decided to actually make three kinds.

The package looks something like this. From the left is green curry, vegetable curry, chicken curry.

Cook criticYuki HattoriMr. Nomination and recommendation.

There is a character "Pour hot water for 10 seconds" in the package.

The hardness of vegetable curry, green curry, chicken curry is "3" out of 5 stages.

The way of making is the same for all three types. Take out the block from the pouch, apply 150 ml hot water, gently stir and then cook it on rice.

Both curries do not use scientific seasonings and use more than 17 kinds of spices, which means that spices are fragrant when pouring hot water, and my heart is swelling in expectation.

So I will make it immediately. First, chicken curry.

There are pouches in the box.

Since the way of making and the ingredient indication are also printed on the reverse side, even if you save the box just by saving the box OK is OK. It can be saved without bulk.

Although weighing 59 grams in a box ... ...

If you put it out of the box and put it in a bag only condition it got even lighter. The size in this state is 14 cm × 10 cm × 4 cm high and small, so it is convenient to carry.

Freeze dry is like this. Black tumbles seen on the surface are not pepper, etc. but things with basil.

The way to make it is exactly the same as instant soup, transfer to freeze-dried or the like and put hot water.

The state of making chicken curry with hot water is seen also from the following movie.

I made freeze-dried "scented curry" that can be made in 10 seconds - YouTube

150 ml of hot water is applied.

And stir around and round ... ....

It was completed in no time. The time required was really about 10 seconds.

Then add curry to the dish with rice and OK.

Since vegetables are contained as paste, only chicken and onion can be confirmed by eye. Especially the chicken firmly contains what was greatly cut.

Because it is scruffy, it feels like soup curry rather than curry. But the taste is "curry" firmly, finished with a line of instant "curry taste soup" like it was. It is slightly tangy ethnic flavor, so it is recommended for people who like spicy things.

Next is vegetable curry.

Freeze dry is like this. You can see the shape of a big cut pumpkin.

As with chicken curry, sprinkle 150 ml of hot water for freeze drying, stirring with a spoon.

It was completed through rice with dishes.

Here is the tool which was cut greatly. Eggplant, onion, bean paste, red peppers, garlic and other vegetables are included.

There is a thickening than chicken curry, finish close to the most standard curry among the three. People who do not like hardships are fine as they do not have much pain and mild taste.

The last is green curry.

Freeze dry is like this. It is bright green.

Also apply 150 ml of hot water ......

I stir up sprinkling.

It is completed through rice. Green curry without mistake. I have plenty of ingredients.

Shrimp with a tail ......

Eggplant that was cut greatly is contained and eating answer is enough.

The scent of coconut drifts with steam and drips appetite. Originally green curry is scratchy so there is no thickening. Speaking of green curry, I often eat while sweating because of spicy, but this product is not too hot, so I can advance swiss food. However, because there is not much spicy, it is a feeling like "green curry-like soup" rather than green curry, so some people may feel a little unsatisfactory if you imagine full-fledged green curry. However, as the scent of coconut spreads at the moment of eating, it is also a tool, so satisfaction is gained firmly.

"Curry pot" that can be made in 30 seconds is stronger but the taste is solid and it is a feeling to make instant soup with a lot of curry as instant it is impossible to think of as instant It is a nice place to be able to make it. Because it is compact and extremely lightweight, it is recommended to put it in an evacuation bag at the time of emergency, and also when climbing outdoors.

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