I have taken a close look at the American Marine Corps fighting technique "MCMAP" to control guns and knives with bare hands

It exists in the United States as the fourth army lining up with the land, sea and air forcesMarinesBecause it is a unit specializing in the landing strategy, it is always known as an elite to fight as the "cutting corps" at the forefront of battle. Also, because it is said that fighting techniques are very advanced and practical because of fighting at the forefront, this time the marine corps developed by the Marine Corps "MCMAP(Marine Corps / Martial Arts · Program) "is what kind of battle technology it is, I decided to go to the US military base in Okinawa and examine it.

This time I visited the US Marine Corps Base Camp · Foster in Okinawa Prefecture.

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Going down the road like this ... ....

As you can see the letters "LEGION", turn left there.

It will arrive at Camp · Foster's 6th gate. From this point onwards, it is a place where you can enter only base persons or those who applied beforehand, and armed security guards are alert.

At this point, we will confirm the ID and collect fingerprints etc. We will proceed inside the base.

I arrived at a martial arts center located in a building like a gymnasium.

The interior is a space with tatami mats like a judo field.

Sandbags for practicing punching and kicking are suspended.

A tool that is prepared for the demonstration of MCMAP. There are weapons anticipating real warfare, such as simulated handguns and rubber knives.

Three US marines with active duties cooperated this time.

We practice techniques in wearing a jacket that reproduces body armor (bulletproof vest) and just as in real warfare.

It is not as heavy as it looks because there are no bulletproof metal plates in it, but as the movement of the body is restricted it seems that it is likely that you will be required to use a different body from fighting sports that you wear with nakedness or bodice wear.

First of all, we decided to show a demonstration to defeat the opponent who threatened with a gun with bare hands.

Demonstration of US Marine Corps fighting art "MCMAP" to control opponents with guns with bare hands - YouTube

Next is a technique of a pair of knives.

Demonstration of US Marine Corps fighting technique "MCMAP" to kill a knife-bearing opponent in moment - YouTube

Of course, from the beginning, not the advanced techniques like weapons are taught, but basic contents such as stance and steps are also included in the curriculum.

The stance and basic steps of US Marine Corps fighting technique "MCMAP" - YouTube

Looking at the actual condition from the front look like this.

In addition to striking and joint skills, since we use a technique like mixed martial arts up to throwing techniques, we also conduct passive exercises.

Behind the US Marine Corps' martial arts "MCMAP" and how to stand up - YouTube

"Hip throw" that instructor's male skill is good is almost the same movement as Judo's waist.

Takedown of US Marine Corps fighting technique "MCMAP" - YouTube

First of all, I will bring the distance to the opponent at a stretch and bring it to the timing of the combination technique.

Side by side ......

While receiving the opponent's body weight on the waist, she throws it forward at once.

Before the end of throwing the opponent different from general judo techniquePullerThe point is that the other party is making it difficult to passive.

Drop the opponent in a place slightly away from me and prepare a position where I can respond with a handgun or a knife etc to Suga.

The point that MCMAP is very unique includes bayonet technique. JapaneseBamboo streetExcept for exceptions such as sports fighting sports is a very distinctive technology that can not be seen first.

How to fight with the bayonet of US Marine Corps fighting technique "MCMAP" - YouTube

The stance is like this.

There is also a technique to hit the opponent with a shootstock or elbow besides an attack such as cutting the opponent at the tip and pushing.

What will happen if you actually receive this technique? We are planning to upload trial articles that understand that it is so, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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