"Okura beef bowl" came out when I went to eat "Sukiya Flower Okura Beef Bowl"

Summer has okra in the seasonal vegetables, but it features a refreshing texture and a refreshing taste. This okra is seasoned with soy sauce and the beef bowl that the flower gourd topped with is the favorite house "Flower pet Okra Beef bowl". On sale from August 8 (Wednesday), we decided to go eat at once as it is finished in refreshing taste, with the unique texture of okra, the flavor of dashi-soy sauce and flower gourd are united .

Newly released "Hanatsukatsu Okura Beef Bowl" newly released for the season's okra!

Arrive in Sukiya, you can see the rising of "Hanatsuka Okura Beef Bowl" flapping in the blue sky.

It is on sale from August 8 (Wednesday) on a seasonal basis.

Mini 330 yen (502 kcal), Parallel 380 yen (660 kcal), Sheng 480 yen (719 kcal), High Sheng 480 yen (842 kcal), Sheng Sheng 580 yen (969 kcal), Mega 710 yen (1150 kcal) are all included. This time I ordered Sheng Sheng and Hui Sheng.

Arrived in about 5 minutes after ordering. The left side is Sheng Sheng, the right is in parallel, but ... ... that! Is it?

Yup! Is it?

As you can see from the menu picture below, it was just where you should eat "Okura Beef Bowl" that is not on the menu, "flower goddess" is supposed to be supposed to be.

When the store clerk tells that bonito is not applied, it handed over the toppings in this pack. Thanks to this, it turns out that the flowers are domestically produced as in the raw material name.

I sprinkle flower gourds on my own and complete topping, I feel that everything is wrong, but in the end it is a game of taste.

The bonito sticks to the okra which is fresh and fresh.

Because soup stock is used, it goes well with okra with a more rich flavor than sauce on ordinary beef - donball, and with the bonito flavor it makes rich flavor of Japanese style.

Sticky okra has good throat and can eat with slurry so it seems to be good when the appetite is declining due to the heat.

In addition, the onions that are included in the ingredients are not shaky feeling, they are shakiyaki's texture, and contrast with okra is the point. Or, I feel like I'm not simmered.

If you are accustomed to the usual beef bowl taste and feel refreshing taste of soup stock is unsatisfactory, just add soy sauce like this. Dashi soy sauce meets soft taste okra, but feeling that there is not enough punch in beef. Recommended because all of beef, okra, bonito becomes crispy taste by salty taste of soy sauce.

Incidentally,OkraIt seems that there is an effect of preventing summer bat, so it is a perfect menu for this season.

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