I tried to eat it in an easy cooking just baking without freezing the frozen Escargot

When going to Costco for the procurement of food to eat at the editorial department, frozen "Escargot in garlic butter"(2 packs including 1198 yen including tax) discovered. It is seasoned with garlic butter, and it has a shell and looks a bit luxurious. I could not find it on a normal supermarket so I actually decided to buy it and eat it.

The package is written in French, the country of origin is also France.

Raw material is like this. In addition to butter and garlic, it is seasoned with parsley, salt, red bean paste.

There is no need to decompress during cooking.

When opening it, the shell of Escargot is rumbling.

There are 24 escargos in all, and it is divided into 12 pieces.

It is packed with green garlic butter, "Escargot Butter (Burgineon Butter)" and it looks like a lid.

Garlic butter is packed tightly and you can see green parsley.

Place the butter coated area upwards, set it in the oven toaster and heat it. The cooking method may be warmed up in an oven or toaster for 10 minutes, but it is raw but it is frozen, so you need to cook while checking that it is sufficiently heated. Specifically, as a result of various investigations, it seems that it would be OK if both of them satisfy both "the butter boils briefly" and "the extent to which a little brown sticks".

Actually how long it should be heated, if it comes to roughly the following movie it will be completed.

"Escargot in garlic butter" roasted up - YouTube

done. If you feel uncomfortable if you feel a slightly feeling like a glowing feeling, if you heat it for about 20 minutes until it gets a little brown in the butter portion, the fire passes through firmly.

The texture is different among individuals, and things that feel slightly jerky are also mixed, but there is no particular effect on the taste. As a taste there is no smell like a shellfish such as a shellfish, and the flavor which it used as a garlic butter's heavy flavor is strongly felt. It is better to taste the scented taste of this garlic butter with the texture of Escargot rather than to taste Escargot.

If you are concerned about the aftertaste of escargot remaining in the aftertaste, if you eat it with lightly baked French bread etc. like this, there is not such a thing, like a toast like garlic putter painted, Escargot itself, however, becomes a crispy aftertaste. If greasy buttery greasy remains in your mouth, it looks good if there is something like wine.

In addition, it is possible to eat cleanly without waste when you spill it out into spicy bread crumbled to crispy garlic butter spilled over when escargo is taken out or left in the container.

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