A deforming bed "sweet talk and dream" for one person

I work hard but I do not want to spend a private chill without spending a crowd alone ... It is perfect for those who say .... A deformed bed with a mini table for living alone everywhere "Sweet talk and dream"is. This is a French designerMatali CrassetMade by Mr. Mr. It is made possible to effectively utilize the limited space by covering multiple uses such as bed, TV viewing space, relaxing sofa with one piece of furniture.

Milano - Salone del Mobile 2012: matali crasset for Campeggi «matali crasset

Matali crasset: sweet talk and dream for campeggi

It looks like this with a table sofa. It is a pop impression with orange and green.

Sweet talk and dream can be transformed. If you spread one side, you can secure a relaxed space.

I expanded both.

A table that is just right for one person rice. It is perfect if there is a TV on the other side to look for.

Remove the table and go rough. If you stare at TV, sleep alone is not lonely.

Lifestyle diversifies, and people who do not need big furniture are increasing, so the demand seems to be big now.

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