A business center welfare, a nap center where you can take a nap in the space where you are exhausted "Siestario"

A businessman is visiting a facility called "Siestario" in Buenos Aires, Argentina to take a nap.

People visiting this facility said they are taking a 20 minute nap to relieve stress on work. A private room is prepared for a relaxing break in a short time, and ingenuity for a nap, such as music and aroma that encourages relaxation, and the color of interior decoration has been taken.

Details are as below.The art of the nap | Reuters

Se inauguro en Capital el primer "siestario" del pais - TN.com.ar

Llego el "siestario", para cortar la jornada laboral | La Razon

Inauguraron en Buenos Aires el primer "siestario" del pais

This woman took off his shoes and changed to slippers and put it in relax mode.

The lady who has lied down is wearing a blanket.

Psychologist women are counseling men. This is to make it easy for users to feel comfortable sleeping.

The atmosphere of the sleeping room is like this. It is impressive that the color of lighting is different for each individual room.

Born in blue light, wear eye mask and headphones. It is completely a nap mode.

It is a very fashionable room, so visiting here seems to have the effect of refreshing itself.

The lighting seems to be adopting various colors according to the room. I feel that red lighting rather hinders sleep ... ...

As you can see something like bamboo at the right end, this room may be conscious of Japanese style.

The bed is not full flat but somewhat raised, because nap is a nap onlyTry not to get too deep sleepIt seems to be due.

It seems to be easy to spend as the bed is shaped to fit your body.

Herb tea is served after a 20-minute nap. I am jealous of being so busy.

It may be quite difficult because there is no custom of nap in Japan, but I would like to try using this facility if there is such a facility.

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