This is also the expression 180 mm in total height "Flandol · Scarlet"

"Excellent" "wow" "It is interesting"!Wonder ShowcaseBut, one of the innovative garage kit writers selected among themTomorrowMr. Presentation works are barrage shooting game software "Toho Kōmono ~ the plants of the Scarlet Devil."of"Flandre Scarlet"is.

The resin cast kit with a total height of 180 mm is a one-fest site special price 5800 yen (tax included), general retail price after one festival is 7800 yen (tax included).

While many figure works are made on the scale of 1/8, Mr. Momori's Flandre Scarlet is 1/12 scale, the size of figure is only 140 mm, facial parts are about 15 mm square.

It is made delicate so far that details are small enough unless you tell the size.

A balanced pose from any angle.

In addition, Flandol · ScarlettOrchidseedIt is scheduled to be released in March 2013 from now and it is currently under development.

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