Beautiful girl figures "Kuro ness Nene" made into strange detail by mysterious dejiana modeling

We aimed at excavating talented talent with a spirit of "Beyond, beyond ... ..."Wonder ShowcaseSo, of the modelist chosen as # 67IG'S works are beautiful girl figures with high quality and are shaped works that enhance the significance of the existence of the event.

The title of the work is "Black none". A 1/10 scale resin cast kit with a total height of 150 mm. Illustrator'sPocoA figure based on creative illustration by.

head on. It is a composition that a beautiful girl in Japanese clothing is eating dumplings while sitting on a purple ghostly object.

It is made finely to a long hairstyle and decoration of Japanese clothes.

The person himself considers "I figured out all figurative shapes with wireframes. For example, in the head, I crossed the head and cut the cross-sectional shape of the mouth, nose and forehead into a CT scan style, making the cross-sectional shape of the mouth, nose and forehead as epoxy paste to be 1 mm or less in thickness Next, make the head vertically cut CT scan wind, make the cross sectional shape seen from the side just like a plate with a thickness of 1 mm or less, cut them like plastics and paste them together I will fill the skimmers with epoxy paste, and the head of the figure will be finished. "

From the side.

From the back. It seems that a tail grows even from purple ghosts for some reason.

Although it is not a famous anime character, it is a level that is comparable to what it sits at the shop front.

up. Small flower decorations are also built in.

Although a purple ghost looks neutral, is it a happy feeling if you are sitting on a beautiful girl?

It is manufactured in a well-balanced way from any angle. In addition, the special price in one festival is 8800 yen (including tax), general retail price is 10,800 yen (including tax).

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