Mr. Baume of Kaiyodo, Tohoart 2's Tosaka Kosaka and Bombing Angel Meg etc. 4 points in Wonder Festival 2008 [Summer]

A new work by Mr. Baume who boasted by Kaiyodo is "Gabriella of the Steel White Rabbit Order (Hagane no Shiragi)", Corticarte of "Shinkyoku Soccer Polyphonica", Meg of "Bombing Angel", "ToHeart 2 XRATED "Kousaka Kosaka (Tamu) Of 4 bodies.

Details are as below.
First of all,Knights of white rabbits in steelFrom Gabriella.

Characteristic equipment like long ears.

Armament is also quite detailed, and it is built up to the decoration of armor.

"Shinkyoku performance polyphonicaFrom Corticarte · Apa · Raglan Jess.

I usually take the form of a 13-year-old girl, this is a formidable woman in her twenties.

It seems that the size of this figure is 95, 55, 89.

"Bombing AngelFrom Meg.

Chestnut long hair is distinctive.

Aho hairWell reproduced.

And at the end is "Tosaka Kosaka" of "ToHeart 2 XRATED". It is quite a bold pose.

It reproduces to a rather fine gesture.

A poster was standing in line with the booth.

The display was like this.

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