"TARITARI yesterday's residual bowl" & "Accelerated world bowl (Axel · Waal Bowl)" tasting review which can not deny the rest of yesterday's rest realistically

From "Axel World" "Accelerated World Bowl (Axel · Wal Bowl)" and "TARITARI" the first story of Sakai family who appeared in the first episode because "Haruki loves hot curry authentic curry! "The rest of the day yesterday"One Festive 2012 [summer]One hobby "GOOD SMILE CAFEIt appeared in. Aside from the accelerated world rice bowl, aside from "the rest of the bowl yesterday", I got a dangerous scent in terms of setting, visual and naming, so I ordered it immediately.

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"Accelerated world bowl (Axel · Waal Bowl)" is 800 yen

"TARITARI yesterday's residual bowl" also costs 800 yen

I will make it here and hand it over

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There is a dude

With such a can badge extra


First of all, from 'Accelerated World Bowl (Axel · Waal Bowl)'.


There is only thing that Imamitei is cooperating with, and it seems to be a full-fledged appearance

Chicken is in a roll and juicy

Rice is also moderate softness, the spicy of Ru is sweet-mouthed atmosphere. There is no thirsty threatening to die, really a horse.

So, the biggest problem is this "TARITARI yesterday's rest dumpling"

Is it? It is!

Shake's fillet

And Kibo burdock burdock

The impression of the taste ... .... Well, exactly reproducing "leftovers of yesterday" in a real way, how to say .... If you pay the same 800 yen do not hesitate "Accelerate world bowl (Akusu · Waal Bowl) I knew only that it should be ". Also, when reproducing the food under construction, I could recognize that it would be fundamentally meaningless unless I reproduced delicious things. Somehow, it is reasonable to eat 'yesterday's remaining bowls' under the steam bath like this one-fest site.

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