I tried Yamazaki bread ``gold soft'', a super high-grade bread limited to once a month

Yamazaki bread is famous for its breads such as 'Sun Royal', 'Creamy Gold' and 'Double Soft', but in reality there is a super high quality bread called ' Gold Soft ' which is clearly different from these. It is a 'special bread' that uses only carefully selected butter, eggs and fresh cream, and is so luxurious that it can only be made once a month. Three loaves costs 1,500 yen, one loaf costs 500 yen, and a typical loaf of bread is about 200 yen, but it's about twice the price, so I decided to order and check if the taste was worth it. Did.

'Super' high-quality bread with a limited receipt date


You can place an order for this item only on the Internet. 'Gold Soft' can be picked up on the 4th Friday of every month at the daily Yamazaki and Yamazaki Daily Stores.

It is OK if you tell the store the receipt number that will be sent to you by email when you place an order. It was handed in a luxurious box.

It looks like a box for cakes and other sweets.

Expectations swell to the 'high-end bread gold soft' and the gold logo that shines. It seems to be a bread that uses luxury cream, butter, eggs.

Raw materials are usually listed from the one with the highest content, so the butter comes next to the flour, and the flavor of the butter seems to be strong. Margarine is often used in general bread instead of butter, and it feels rich just by using butter, but it is said that this ``gold soft'' is used abundantly. , It seems that the buttery taste is also strong in the taste.

Energy per 100 grams of product is 311 kcal.

When I opened the box, the scent of butter was fluffy, and I was a little moved by saying, 'Oh, it might be amazing.'

It is sold in 3 loaves and it looks like this when you bring it.

When you take it out of the bag, the scent of butter can be felt more strongly.

After firmly adjusting to the excitement that 'the contents of ultra-luxury bread must be different!', the knife is gently inserted.

Perhaps because of the large amount of eggs, the content is more yellow and the dough feels denser than ordinary bread.

For comparison, I decided to try out Yamazaki Bread's 'Double Soft' for comparison.

The left is 'Gold Soft' and the right is 'Double Soft', and the color difference between the two is clear.

'Double Soft' has some gaps in the fabric, but 'Gold Soft' has a fine texture and almost no gaps.

The fabric has elasticity, and it feels like it is moisturized and cracks.

First of all, I decided to try it. Ordinary bread has a dry, crunchy texture when you put it in your mouth, but 'Gold Soft' has a very moist feel, probably because it contains plenty of butter and eggs. Even if you keep chewing in your mouth, it won't be a waste.

The flavor of butter is also rich, and it is finished enough to be eaten as it is. In the editorial department, there are many moving voices such as “You can feel the difference in taste from the moment you eat it”, “Wow!”, and it is true that there is no super luxury bread.

Next, I decided to try baking with a toaster.

Even if it is not baked, it has a rich scent, but when baked, the fragrant scent of flour and the increased butter scent make it even richer and 'Is this the true power of ultra-luxury bread...?' ..

If you try to eat without adding anything, you can feel the gentle sweetness of Danish bread or Western confectionery because butter is used as the raw material. When baked, it has a lighter and crispy texture than ordinary bread, and I am impressed again that 'super high-grade bread is different'.

I will cut another one and bake it.

Next time I will apply butter. It is recommended that thick slices like this are more satisfying to eat.

The surface of the bread absorbs butter more and more.

Ordinary bread loses the taste of the bread itself by losing the taste of butter, but with 'Gold Soft' you can thoroughly enjoy the fragrant taste of wheat flour without that.

I enjoyed a texture and taste that was clearly different from other common breads, and although it was a little expensive, I was able to get the experience worth it. People who eat bread every breakfast should understand the difference, so if you eat with your favorite coffee on a holiday, you will feel comfortable all day long. The rarity of being available only once a month seems to further enhance the taste of this 'gold soft'. It's worth it to order from the net, wait for the shipping date which is only once a month, and visit the nearest Daily Yamazaki to get it.

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