It turned out that the average IQ of women began to exceed men


The answer to the question "Is it wise for men and women to judge by just IQ?" Had been "male" so far, but about the gap in grades between men and women IQ test, that equity It has been questioned for a long time. However, for the first time in history, women are showing men more than men about IQ now.

Women Beat Men on IQ Tests For First Time - ABC News

This research was published by James Flynn, a New Zealand intelligence researcher observing the IQ (IQ) fluctuation in the world over the last few decades. According to Flynn, about a century ago, female IQ was behind men and the difference was 5 points sometimes. But now, in all the countries analyzed by Flynn, that gap has been shortened, and women are dominant in battle of intelligence.

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Flynn is over 500 in both men and women between 15 and 18 in Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Estonia, and Argentina eachRaven gradual matrixI got a standard IQ test called "IQ test" and I am summarizing the scores, but the result of the test is that women in all countries will be one half higher than men.

According to Mr. Flynn told ABC News, in the past 100 years people in developing countries got 3 points of IQ, but it seems that females were faster to acquire IQ. Flynn says this is the result of modernity. "Where I can get equal opportunities for women to touch the modern world, their IQ is comparable to men and their academic performance is above men," he said. This change explains that the past 100 years caused by changes in education and opportunities that mechanical memorization lost credibility and emphasis on logic and analysis technology. "We entered the modern world, as our cars changed, our spirit also changes," Flynn said. While the success of women in occupational fields is influenced not only by IQ but also by social factors, he says that this result should not work favorably in the vocational field. The result of this survey is to be announced in his book to be published in September.

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