Study clearly that intelligence will decline from the age of 27

Generally it is said that when you get older it is said that intelligence will be lower than when you are young with aging, but exactly it seems that research has revealed that intelligence will decline from age 27. Although there are various items such as memory and judgment ability even saying intelligence, the research found that some items began to decline since around the age of 27 years.

Let's see what is starting to decline from the age of 27.

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Old age begins at 27 as mental powers start to decline, scientists find - Telegraph

According to a study by the University of Virginia in the United States, it is said that intelligence has declined at the age of 27 with the peak of intelligence at the age of 22.

Over seven years, we conducted a test to analyze mental, dementia, mental disorders for 2000 male and female from 18 to 60 years old, and it seems that the average age of the people who won the highest score was 22 years old.

Meanwhile, the study found that three items of inference ability, thinking speed, and realization of space started to degrade significantly at the age of 27. Also, since memory age has decreased since the age of 37, signs of declining in all items also seem to be seen in other items regarding 42 years old. However, vocabulary and general information, etc. turned out to be accumulated until 60 years old.

Based on the results, Professor Timothy Salthouse said that even if he started taking preventive measures for dementia from the age to receive pension, he suggested that it would be better to take preventive measures for dementia quite early.

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