SOFTBANK MOBILE starts offering Platinum Band from today

It took place in May 2012Softbank Mobile 2012 Summer Model New Model PresentationIt was a wish to get a platinum band for Softbank and deliver its benefits to customers as all the new models that came out in Platinum Band corresponded. The platinum band is now available from July 25th today.

However, although it is supposed that the population coverage rate is aiming 99.9% in the future, the image diagram does not match the situation at all and it is calling a topic.

Platinum Band Special Site | SOFTBANK MOBILE

Platinum band (900 MHz) expands the area more than 2.1 GHz so far.

Moreover, if it is a platinum band against 2.1 GHz which will reflect on buildings etc., it reaches the building and arrives.

This is expected to make communication of SOFTBANK MOBILE easier than ever before.

The following website shows how the platinum band will expand in the future.

Platinum band spread: Platinum band special site | SOFTBANK MOBILE

Current situation is like this, only 2.1 GHz light color is drawn.

Platinum bands are gradually spreading there ... ...

Even if it goes to the end, the metropolitan area, the Nagoya metropolitan area, the Osaka metropolitan area remain as it is. To the end "Area is an image", but if this is the case, the district will improve, but the others will not change anything ....

The platinum band will expand its area in the future and plan a population coverage rate of 99.9% during FY 2016.

Additional notes:
In the above figure, the metropolitan area is not included in the platinum band (900 MHz) completed image, it is becoming hard to understand .... In fact, the metropolitan area etc. are "the end of September after July 25 Scheduled to be expanded sequentially "is included in the area.

"SoftBank 3G platinum band compatible areaBy pressing the "Platinum band only display" button displayed on the map, it is possible to see the service correspondence planning area on the map.


Pressing the "Notice of this area" button will tell you the status of the current base station. At the moment, even in the center of Tokyo, the Platinum Band base station has only been in the status "planning" status, and it was not able to find even "construction" or "under construction".

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