I tried to eat actually how much "a pizza potato" could be reproduced how much "a Calbee pizza potato soba noodles" by Ace cook could reproduce

Recently I often see the manufacturer's collaboration products, but this time I found out the collaboration product of Ace cook and Calbee "Calbee Pizza potato with soba noodles"(210 yen without tax). There are many things that are far different from the original taste of this product, but it may become "?", But decided to actually eat and check on what will happen this time.

(PDF file)Calbee Pizza potato tasty-baked soba 2012/7/23 new release

Package is like this, it is already pizza potato itself.

I ordered it with pizza potatoes. The illustration of the pizza used in the package is diverted exactly the same, apparent reproduction is considerably high, or it is completely copied.

Cheese powder and so on are contained in raw materials, and as with pizza potato it seems that you can expect the smell of intense cheese.

Calories per meal (122 grams) is 562 kcal.

Included are "mud", "Noodle loosen flavor oil", "Seasoning powder".

First of all, I will investigate quickly.

Pour hot water and wait 5 minutes.

Discard the hot water and sprinkle the noodles while leaning "Noodle loosen flavor oil".

The seasoning powder that you can feel the smell of thick cheese from the moment you open it is exactly the same as the rich aroma of pizza potato.

I will spend the whole noodle, but as you can see there is a considerable amount. In the first place, it will sprinkle a lot of heavily scented stuff, so the taste should be finished considerably.

Mixed and blended with noodles. The room was full of scent which became more powerful because it was warmed by the heat of noodle. The scent is the smell of dark cheese of pizza potato itself, the diffusing power is quite high, so be careful when you eat at the office at lunch time at the office.

Because we put too much emphasis on seasoning etc., the ingredients are just a cabbage and lonely content.

When I put it in my mouth, the taste of the original pizza potato itself makes me feel the taste of tomato and thick cheese. Because noodles are thick noodles, seasoning is often involved, and it is also a point that taste is firmly felt. It is too similar to the taste so "Is it really OK with this ... ..." why is it backwards? However, it is probably because there is no texture that made it "crisp" of potato to feel something unsatisfactory, so if you put emphasis on texture, you might feel a sense of incompatibility a little.

Still, the similarity with the original taste is the level of Dantotsu among the goods of this hand eaten so far. If you eat potato after eating yakisoba, you will feel that sweet potatoes are slightly sweet and salty, but if you do not pay much attention you can hardly feel the difference in taste.

In addition, if you look closely at the package, you will be convinced strangely that it is "pizza potato flavor" rather than "pizza potato flavor". That is, it is about that degree of reproduction.

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