"Spike" case that can also perform full screen touch operation while mounting a physical real keyboard on iPhone

A hardware keyboard integrated with a protective case for people who are not accustomed to iPhone software keyboard "Spike: Real Keyboards and Protective Cases for the iPhone"Is under development.YouTubeAs detailed product introduction is done in the movie being uploaded, let's check the contents below.

The Spike iPhone Keyboards and Protective Cases - YouTube

It is making this product that appears at the beginning of the movieSolo matrixCodi Solomon, co-founder of the company.

"Spike" to be sold by the company is an iPhone protection case with a hardware keyboard.

The appearance of "Spike 1 (photo left)" and "Spike 2" are as follows.

Looking from the side like this.

The back is like this.

The biggest difference between "Spike 1 (photo left)" and "Spike 2" is how to use the hardware keyboard. "Spike 1" allows you to hit the keyboard by replacing the bottom of the case, whereas "Spike 2" is a specification that you can hit with the keyboard by using the hinges and bringing it from the back to the gully and table.

Mr. Robert Solomon, another co-founder of Solo matrix, came here. By the way, he was the father of Mr. Cody who appeared at the beginning, has been involved in keyboard design for over 25 yearsMcIntoshYaPalmHe also said that he was also developing and producing products for.

As the project progresses smoothly, "Spike 1" is said to be available for sale for $ 30 (around 2400 yen).

It is characterized by a structure split into two in the center.

Rotate the lower part 180 degrees ... ....

The keyboard will appear when you coalesce.

When I actually put the iPhone, it looks like this.

Because the keyboard is only fixed to the right end of the case with a hinge, you can touch the bottom side of the screen if you jump up.

When using in full screen display, it is not jammed if you keep the hardware keyboard facing the back side.

When entering letters you use the keyboard like this, so convenient when you are wearing gloves. And, of courseBlackBerry (Blackberry)It is also suitable for those who are accustomed to the feeling of pushing a keyboard and bubble wrap like.

Looking at the keyboard up look like this.

The assumed sales price of "Spike 2" is about 60 dollars (about 4,600 yen).

Here is a type that fixes the keyboard with a more complicated hinge.

After splashing up on one side ... ....

It is possible to turn back and back with Gurun.

It transforms into full screen touch mode.

It looks like this is actually used.

"Spike 3" is a limited model.

It is made of aluminum and two kinds of color.

Solo · matrix design team is doing the design.

Creation of prototype is ongoing.

The manufacturing site looks like this.

We are cutting out the frame of the keyboard.

What businessman-like men are using ... ....

It is "Spike".

A woman with a smile also has "Spike".

Since the "Spike" series keyboard does not use the Bluetooth or Dock connector to connect to the iPhone, it does not consume extra power. Also on the siteFAQAccording to the input method that is available at the moment only English alphabet is available but there are plans to prepare versions for other languages ​​in the future as well.

This project is USCloud FundingWebsite to supportKickstarter(Kick starter), and has already cleared the target amount of 75,000 dollars (approx. 587 million yen) that will make go-ahead for the realization of the plan.

The project is recruiting equity until 2:53 am on August 12 (Sunday), and if you pay a total of $ 35 (about 3000 yen) including 20 dollars and international flight shipping fee of $ 15, you can also enter the keyboard body in Japan I will send it. If you further increase the contribution amount, you can also acquire the right to purchase products for iPhone 5 that will be developed in the future.

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