A desktop throwing kit "The Desktop Ballista" that you can assemble yourself and fire toothpicks and popcorn etc

VaristorIs a weapon invented by ancient Greeks and improved by the Romans, using a leverage to draw strings and strike stones and metal bullets and thick arrows, but it was the one that reproduced such varistor with a desktop size "The Desktop Ballista"is. In addition to mischief by your classmates and colleagues, you can also throw popcorn and other sweets into the mouth of someone who is away from you.

The Desktop Ballista: Shoot toothpicks into the ancient past by Kerwin Lumpkins - Kickstarter

The movie of The Desktop Ballista is from the following.

This is The Desktop Ballista. It is the size to ride a little on the desk.

In ancient Rome, Barista was used as a weapon to shoot for people and mind.

This is the Desktop Ballista that reproduced it to desktop size.

When playing, first set a toothpick to The Desktop Ballista.

And when you pull a string that you pull a lot, the toothpick will jump out forward.

It may seem a bit dangerous for children to use, but the released toothpick never sticks on the human skin.

Meanwhile, when you release it to orange, it gets stubbornly stabbed.

The kit also includes a toothpick with a cover at the tip.

The Desktop Ballista kit begins by assembling parts of pieces.

As children and adults learn history, they can enjoy the enjoyment of assembling and playful pleasure.

It is also possible to sculpt the side of the varistor by taste.

Like Barista of ancient weapons, Barista uses a rope made of horse hairs, and some pursued the reality that comes with brass parts.

In addition, we can choose timber which is the material of parts of varistor.

In addition, it is possible to play varistors even if you use other than toothpicks.

Ballista Other Ammo - YouTube

The varistor is made to fit the size of 12 mm.

So, first of allclayI will play with.

Set a tough warrior doll in front of The Desktop Ballista.

Preparation for launch ...



Next is popcorn.

Firing for ladies who are opening big!

I'm sorry, I'm off.


You can play snacks as well.

You can set it properly like this.

You can also use marbles and chess pieces.

The Desktop Ballista is currentlyKickstarterWe are collecting funds for commercialization. The deadline is local time on July 17. One Desktop Ballista gets one when you commercialize it by investment of $ 30 (about 2400 yen), and if you increase it you can sculpt the barista, make the rope a horse's hair, change the timber Is possible.

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