How to make that genuine shaved ice common in a night shop with block ice and business machine

Shakijaki shaved ice that I ate at the summer festival and fireworks festival. In order to make that taste myself and want to taste as much as a mountain, I decided to make a set of tools such as block ice and business shaving ice machine and actually make it at the editorial department.

List of things bought ◆ List
·Manual shaker ice machine rental block for ice: 8400 yen including tax (3 nights 4 days / shipping included)
·Ice flag: 420 yen including tax (3 nights 4 days / shipping included)
·Syrup × 8: 4792 yen including tax (by shipping fee)
·Ice paper cup 9 oz (100 pieces): 550 yen including tax (by shipping fee)
※ The syrup and ice paper cup shipping fee is 1050 yen
·Ice 2 th 1/2: 1470 yen including tax (including shipping fee)

Total: 16,882 yen

In addition, if you use the 2nd-order ice and 9 ounce cup you bought this time, it is possible to make 60 ~ 70 cups of shaved ice, depending on how the ice is served.

The shaker ice machine is wrapped in cushioning material like this and arrived. Weight is about 14.5 kg, which is heavy, but it is safe because it carries it to the designated place.

Contents is like this.

This side is like this.

Turning the dial brings down parts that hold down the ice.

Actually ice scraping blade is like this.

Since it is a manual type, turn the steering wheel and scoop on the ice.Electric typeYou can scrape a lot of ice at once, but it is neck that the power supply needs to be secured and the weight is considerably heavier, 29 kg.

Trays that receive spilled ice are included free of charge.

The ice flag is like this.

I bought syrup and cup at the same store, so arrived in sets.

I bought eight violet, emerald pine, mango, Hawaiian blue, caramel, cola, matcha, strawberry.

It's like this when you line up in a row.

Contents amount is 1.8 liters.

The cup is in an elongated box.

With "Ice" mark.

It is about this size to have with an adult male hand.

With this, we have all the necessary tools.

Since Ice was uneasy about entering the freezer, I decided to designate the time zone and bring it in on another day. Although it is sent by cool flights, refrigerant etc. are not attached and will arrive in the corrugated cardboard and arrive.

It actually feels like this. Although it is commonplace, it is extremely cold so it is difficult to have more than 10 seconds with bare hands. It is convenient to prepare a tray etc for carrying.

For the Shaker Ice machine, use one cut to 1/4 size (1 / 2th through) along the break of the block.

◆ I actually made it

Set the ice on the shaved ice and turn the dial to fix.

Fixed gently with an ice holder with a spike like the following.

Afterwards set OK at the bottom and adjust the handle OK.

If it is a small cup it will be full in less than 10 seconds.

I can see the state of actually icing ice in the following movie. In addition, please note the volume at the time of play because the sound of ice scrub is large.

I tried playing block ice with a shaker ice machine - YouTube

Completed with syrup over ice which ended.



Hawaiian Blue




Emerald Pine


If the thickness of ice is about 1 cm thick it will not be able to be trimmed well so it is necessary to replace it.

So, when I tried it, I realized that all the block ice sets etc for business use can be ordered crispily via the Internet. Also, the work itself of making shaved ice itself is not that difficult except that the ice melts so tremendouslyThis pageIt is recommended for those who want to put out "stalls" at cultural festivals, festivals of self-governing associations, sales promotion events of shops, etc., as it was possible to make deliciously even a completely amateur by referring to.

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