"X band MP radar rainfall information" where the rain situation nationwide can be seen in real time every minute

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Japan Weather Association, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and TransportX band MP radar rainfall informationIn response to the data provided, we opened a site where you can see the changes in observed rainfall every minute and the predicted rainfall every 5 minutes. The website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has excellent points that the location is easy to understand by showing roads and so on when displaying the map in detail, but the weather association site has been able to see independently calculated forecast data.

X band MP radar rainfall information provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport | Japan Weather Association

First of all, the nationwide map looks like this.

From here you can watch it up by region. This data is not provided in the Kanto region, where the color is gray.

This is Kansai. It is just a strong rain.

Make the map a little more up.

When you press the "movie" button in the top menu, the observed rainfall from about two hours ago to the present and the predicted rainfall until about one hour later are displayed as a movie on the map.

At that time, it is also possible to drag the seek bar with the mouse. You can see data every minute for the most recent past 30 minutes.

You can also double-click any point in the map to see time series graphs of rainfall at that point. Here I looked at the data around Osaka station.

At the upper right of the map there is a button labeled "Arbitrary point number display" ......

When clicking this and holding the mouse pointer to an arbitrary point (during precipitation) on the map, the current rainfall at that point and the cumulative rainfall of the past 60 minutes are displayed.

Firefox 11 or later and Chrome 18 or later are compatible with the service. It can not be browsed with IE and others.

Additional notes:
The service was discontinued at the end of October 2012. Full service that is not pilot operation is scheduled to start from FY 2013.

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