Yahoo! JAPAN will release "Electric Forecast" which is "Weather forecast", 24 hours ahead forecast and weekly forecast

Yahoo! JAPAN predicts the power usage situation within TEPCO jurisdiction "Electric forecast (beta version)"Has been released.

The content of the forecast is based on the results of the usage situation graph presented by Tokyo Electric Power Company and the data of the presentation by the Japan Weather Association, etc., Yahoo! It was calculated by JAPAN using its own aggregation method, and "Present electric power use situation over the next 24 hours" and "Estimated estimated maximum power use time zone and usage rate up to one week ahead" were announced. There is also a dedicated Twitter account to tweet the forecast contents.

Details of "Electric forecast (beta version)" is from the following.Electrical Forecast (Beta) - We will show you how to cope effectively with power saving and blackouts - Yahoo! JAPAN

"Electric forecast (beta version)" forecasting the electricity usage situation within TEPCO jurisdiction was released.

Yahoo! JAPAN has already visualized the use situation within TEPCO jurisdiction from March 22TEPCO's electricity usage meterHowever, due to the fact that information from the original TEPCO announcement is based on actual values, a time lag of up to 1 hour and 20 minutes will occur, so the current situation that we can not convey the real-time situation It seems necessary to improve.

Therefore, each individual has ascertained the peak time of electricity use as soon as possible, and has reached the "electric forecast" for the purpose of providing information to efficiently save energy saving measures.

The electric forecast of Wednesday, April 27 (Wednesday) "The power usage rate of the TEPCO area during the day will be about 79 to 80%, the highest power consumption will be 10 to 12 o'clock" . It's almost as simple as weather forecast.

"Estimated power usage rate by time zone" graphs the power usage rate at hourly intervals.

And "weekly speculated peak power usage time zone" represents the power usage rate and peak time with the clock icon.

The forecast accuracy of the current stage is about 2% error in the short-term forecast of the latest 24 hours and the error is about 4% in the long-term forecast a week ahead. The reason why it was released as a beta version is that it is the result of considering that the power situation is unpredictable as the aftershocks continue, and we are going to continue to make improvements in the future.

As the content of "Electric Forecast" is tweeted by a dedicated Twitter account, it is convenient to follow those who frequently use Twitter.

Yahoo! JAPAN Electrical Forecast (Yahoo_DenkiYoho)

According to the press release, Yahoo! The following "electric forecast meter" will be set up on the top page of JAPAN.

About electric forecast (beta version) - We will show you how to cope effectively with power saving and blackout - Yahoo! JAPAN

Also,The API of "Electric forecast (beta version)" is released on the Yahoo! developer networkIt is also possible to develop contents using data of electric forecast. However, please be careful because it seems to be open for a limited time (the end date is undecided).

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