Electricity usage in the Tohoku Electric Power area reached at most 97%

March 11East Japan great earthquake disaster, The subsequent stop of the nuclear power plant including Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, etc. From MarchCall for energy savingIt is done.

However, it is becoming increasingly serious to live without using a cooler in this hot weather. In today's Tohoku Electric Power area peak electricity consumption reached 97% of supply It was.

Power saving / power failure Tohoku Electric Power Area version - Yahoo! JAPAN

Electricity consumption around 14:30 is 11.8 million kw, supply power is 12.1 million kw, so it is 97%

"Let's save on power savings" is only refrigerator.

All other items are in something that you want to refrain from using even if you are in a power saving state.

97% is a situation where it is quite tight, the level at which notification mail will fly when disaster prevention registration is done.

After 15 o'clock, it fell to 96%, and items wanting to refrain from much use were decreasing.

In addition, although considerable power saving is done also in this even last year, the supply is not readily catching up. The bar graph in the figure below is the actual result on the day, the short orange line is the peak supply power of the day, blue is the corresponding date of the previous year.

Tohoku Electric Power Consumption Forecast | Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd.

What will happen at the moment when it reaches 100% ...?

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