Design of "Takumi" that effectively utilizes the space under the stairs Various summary of the design

ByKaren Roe

By peopleYou can not have your own room and it is trapped in the space below the stairs and you may spend a sleepless night in the loud footsteps with rattling but in ordinary families you will often have space under the stairs. Using space such as overlooking staircases and staircases, architects are making fancy and functional storage racks, bookshelves, study desks, etc. that can be said to be exactly the skill of craftsmanship.

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◆ 01
One step of the staircase becomes a drawer, and you can store clothes and so on.

There was a loft that seemed to be comfortable as you climbed the stairs.

◆ 02
Storage space that appears when you pull the handle.

Closet / tans / shoe box and three storage spaces are in line.

Storage capacity beyond imagination.

◆ 03
There is a woody drawer of simple design on this staircase.

◆ 04
A small couch beneath the staircase that a child who likes a narrow place is likely to be delighted. Drawer is also attached as storage space.

Opposite sideIt looks like this. It can store plenty behind the stairs.

◆ 05
This was the space that was perfect for the study desk.

◆ 06
At first glance it seems that there is nothing to be seen in the display shelf under the stairs ... ....

Actually longing forHidden doorwas.

◆ 07
Moody storage space made of oak where whiskey and brandy become.

◆ 08
Beneath the stormy stairs also brightens when you decorate the flowers.

◆ 09
Work space where desk and chair fit perfectly.

◆ 10
The wine bottle will be aligned.

◆ 11
The space behind the stairs, a space enough for two people to sit in front of a big window. It is perfect for people who want to spend a romantic time because you can see the snow scene outside.

◆ 12
Bookcase where books are aligned with chocks made according to the twist of the spiral staircase.

◆ 13
The bicycle turned upside down the stairs. Since the walls with windows are attached to the stairs themselves, there is no fear that the children will fall accidentally.

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