A bedroom cat bed "Curve Pet Bed" sleeps with cats Photo collections

It seems that it is not particularly for cats, but it is for cats, no matter what. Easy to use, just install on the wall.

Curve Pet Bed - Home & Office - Yanko Design

It is possible to choose maple or walnut for wood part

Since there are two holes, it is easy to complete by wall hanging with it.

Since the cushion part can be removed and washed, hygienic

Ideal for hinabobo

In addition to lying down, it can also be used for such cats to monitor their owner

I fall asleep, I go to bed.

It looks like a figurine



It looks like an interior


A couple


Towards tomorrow


A cat

Preparation to escape from the window at any time is OK


I can get dogs as well as cats

The price is 200 dollars (about 16,000 yen).

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