I tried "Mara Super Super Pont Yuyu with Spaghetti 1.4 mm" that boils up in just 2 minutes

Most of the boiling time of spaghetti takes 5 minutes or more, but Nisshin Flour Mill has released "Ma · Mar Super Pontto Early Boiled Spaghetti 1.4 mmIt is said that it will boil up in an extremely short time of 2 minutes, so I decided to actually check it.

Spaghetti "Marumarupurentto early boiled spaghetti 1.4 mm" with evolved early spring that combines quickness and taste

This is "Ma · Mar Super Pontto Yuko Spaghetti 1.4 mm". Contents are 300 grams and 228 yen without tax.

There is also "Maruma Super Plent early boiled spaghetti 1.6 mm" in boiled time 3 minutes, but it boils down at the explosion speed of 2 minutes to exceed it.

The raw material is flour perfect for spaghettiDurum wheat semolina.

The energy per 100 grams is 358 kcal.

First of all, I shot a movie shoot of noodle boiling in 2 minutes so please check it from the following movie.

"Ma · Mar Super Ponto Early Boiled Spaghetti 1.4 mm" rising in 2 minutes - YouTube

It is really only 2 minutes and it is raining steadily and rigidly enough to be involved in the fork.

In order to shorten cooking time, pasta sauce of kewpie just put it on noodles this time "Pasta sauce (peperoncino)"use.

It is individually wrapped in single use size.

If you break the container in half and the sauce comes out from the inside, it is okay if you put it directly on the noodles.

About three minutes from the start of boiling boiled noodles, I could start eating sooner than making cup noodles. When eating it actually, the core is slightly stiff and the surroundings are crispy texture, and the same as spaghetti in general is not different. It is very convenient if you can use pasta just by putting it like the sauce used this time, easily pasta can be enjoyed.

The reason why the noodle boils up in such a short time is because the cross section of the noodle is a wind-like shape. It is not like hollowing out like macaroni inside, but by devising the shape of noodles, it is realizing boiling in a short time of 2 minutes.

I actually checked the cross section of noodles, it looks like a wind blow in this way.

And when boiled up the noodles will have a round cross section like this.

For now the noodles with 2 minutes of boiled rice only have a thickness of 1.4 millimeters, but I would like to expect further innovations from now on to add various line thicknesses.

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