I have eaten "Dairy fish steak with summer vegetables" "Uma no yakiniku" which can enjoy thick meaty soft meat with Denny's

Recommended beef menu when you want to gobble with thick gobbles, "Beef fillet steak with summer vegetables" finished with soft beef fillet with brown sauce and "Uma spicy sauce of hot pepper of Kansai limited" Grilled meat". Both of them seem to be able to enjoy the taste of meat and meat so we decided to go eat.

(PDF file)Denny's New Beef menu Started on 26th June (Tuesday)

Arrived at Denny's.

First of all, from "Beef fillet steak with summer vegetables" (with rice and tax included 1390 yen).

New Zealand beef fillet meat is used.

The thick fillet meat is wrapped in a demiglass based brown sauce with white wine added.

There are colorful summer vegetables such as paprika and eggplant, and the dish is made visually visually.

Beef fillets have elasticity but a soft touch.

Giwari and gravy will soak through.

The core part of meat is raw meat, you can enjoy moist and fleshy. There is not much fat, but the meat juice overflows steadily. Because the salty taste of the sauce is strong, I think whether it may be slightly weaker if we consider the flavor of the meat, but if you think about eating with rice it is reasonable level.

This eggplant felt the most tastefully among the garnished summer vegetables. The fruit is tightly fruit and the umami of the tasteful texture spreads in the mouth.

Paprika of chunky texture and

A young corn with soft sweetness also has a presence.

And Kansai limited "Uma no yakiniku" (with rice and including tax 1090 yen). "Beef loin cut steak" is released nationwide as a new beef menu, but in Kansai instead this "beef spicy barbecue" is joining beef menu from 1st June (Friday) about.

Appeared on hot iron board. I will sprinkle horse spicy sauce of aged chili to this meat.

I tried to shoot a movie with Uma-no sauce being sprinkled on JuJeu and a hot steel plate.

I tried ripe hot pepper sauce to Denny's 'Uma no yakiniku' - YouTube

The smell of sweet sauce is fluffy.

I will soak the meat plenty of hot horse sauce.

The meat is thick rather than fluffy, it's juicy and plenty of fat. Sauce is sweet and spicy is discreet. It is not spicy like a pain in the mouth, it is modest spicy like becoming warm gently and warm, so it is content that everyone can enjoy. Also, because it is difficult to cool down because it is on an iron plate, it is a menu that you can relax and have fun.

Because it is an umake if you put rice together with seasoned with a thick eyes, with a rice cooker.

Also, when you eat it with shakiyaki bean sprouts, meat and horse sauce sauce together, the taste and texture are born deep and good.

Both menus have eating answers, but as the price goes over 1000 yen it will be a bit difficult to get out of hand, so I'd like you to make it a little easier to enjoy.

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