"MOSSER" which can easily grow glass-covered moss on the desk

Although I want a healing element unexpectedly while sending a cold and inorganic urban life, it is possible to plus green slightly on the desk at that time, a moss that can easily be raised in a glass case "MOSSER"is.



The size of the glass case is about 12 cm in height × 10 cm in width. Every 2 weeks, it is easy to grow only by filtering water filtered in moss in the glass with the attached spray.

When you remove the paper which is wrapped in the glass case, you can see the whole picture of MOSSER.

Put a little on the edge of the desk and add a healing element to the desk that tends to be mineral.

MosserUntil you canThe state of the following.

Material is pebble, soil and moss only 3.

Serve the soil on the glass foundation.

Tear off the moss that was immersed in water to moderate size ......

I will cover the earth.

Each one is manual.


The price is about 2200 yen. Unfortunately we are not exporting to Japan.

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