How to test as cheaply as possible whether start-ups or entrepreneurial ideas pass or not

BySatoru Kikuchi

Even though I think of a good idea that could be commercialized, I do not know if it is really worth it unless I test it. "Funders and Founders", which provides engineers' help to start a business, asked those who succeeded in entrepreneurship, "How can we test their ideas if there is only $ 50 (about 3900 yen)?" The results are summarized in six.

Funders and Founders We Connect Start-Ups With Capital How to Test Your Startup Idea for $ 50

◆ 1. Treat coffee to 20 people
Instead of feasting coffee, the idea to have you use the prototype of the product for 5 minutes. Then let's observe how prototypes and prototypes are used.

ByChristian Cable

◆ 2. Dine with influential bloggers
Invite famous bloggers to dinner and ask them to see their products and ask if they are interested enough to want to review. Furthermore, if you point out problems with the product, let's solve the problem with haste while referring to the product.

ByFrederic Poirot

◆ 3. Have people gather for information gathering
In order to solve problems of products, we gather a lot of people by gathering experts and collect information. Then, since many people's opinions can be referred to, it is easy to solve the problem.

ByKevin dooley

◆ 4. Purchase outstanding costumes
It attracts attention by wearing outstanding costumes and distributes flyers. The place is good outside the large technology event venue.

BySan Diego Shooter

◆ 5. Buy Google's inventory
Google AdWordsPosting advertisements aimed at guiding prototypes and prototypes in the advertisement space on the net, and as a result there is a possibility that more people will click if there are 50 to 100 clicks It is. Also,A / B testPerform the reaction and see the user's reaction.


◆ 6. Create video footage
If you make a unique and unusual movie introducing products, there is a possibility that you can spread out at once with your mouth.

ByStuck in Customs

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