14 media journalist countermeasures for startup companies


Finally I thought that it was a wish to start a business and when the news got coming up, only a few people knew how to deal with it. The vast majority of people should be wondering "What shall I do?" For such a person, Sean Blanda advising such entrepreneurs in Philadelphia has summarized the contents of what I have advised so far into 14 items.

Confessions of a tech journalist: my advice to startups pitching the media - SeanBlanda.com

1: Knowing about journalists


Journalists are sometimes annoyingly ethical groups. Journalists have strict rules that follow in many cases. For example, as one of the rules, journalists are not instructed by sources of information about when articles are posted. The journalist will check detailed stories about the subjects covered, especially numerals. If you want to know what kind of world journalists are alive, Wikipedia's "Media ethicsLooking into the item 's.

2: The company you started is like a child


Many of the technical journalists are talking to entrepreneurs who believe that three people "one day their business will change the world" on a day. Besides, most start-up companies are unnecessarily cautious about minor news such as employment issues and new feature releases. Your company is like your child. In other words, it is very important for yourself, but for others it is many in this world somewhere that is only one of that child. In the interview, please be proud and entertaining, but please do not interfere with the side to interview with ego or ownership.

3: Simple explanation about business

ByThe PosterGenius team

When explaining, please explain it as a 5-year-old child who does not know anything what the listener is doing in the world speaks other languages. A sure way is to describe in one sentence (for example, "I will help students to organize their notes") and bring concrete examples ("Mary enrolled in a mathematics class wants to record a lecture In case ...... "). As an example of brevity, it was conducted at the Q & A site "Quora", "Why is Dropbox more popular than Windows Live Sync and Omnidrive with similar features?I'd recommend reading answers to the question 'I'm not sure.'

4: Show demo


Please do demonstrate products and services when you receive the interview. Otherwise I will not write an article. The interviewer wants the reader to read articles about your company and wants products to be used immediately.

5: Good design affects judgment

ByMarc Wathieu

Journalists do not know that the product is written in the world's most streamlined code or there is one domestic salesperson at the time you launch the company. Journalists are the easiest way to ascertain whether the company is serious or not is to look at the design. If you make the design beautiful or interesting, the journalist will give "unfair" passing points.

6: Exploring what the medium is seeking

ByGreendaizer 13

It is the key to success to investigate about the medium for about 5 minutes so as to apply for work. Please judge what kind of genre is covered by that medium and what is important point for that medium. For exampleTechCrunchIs dealing with Internet start-up companies for end users, emphasizing latest news.GigaOmWe deal with enterprises and IT, and we focus on analysis.Technically PhillyIs dealing with technology companies based in Philadelphia and is very much committed to promoting the development of the technology industry in Philadelphia.

7: Points to be aware of the seriousness of entrepreneurship


There are some points where journalists feel a danger signal in the entrepreneur's attitude. While trying to expose to media, there are also cases where you are looking for co-founder of technology or chief developer. Why can a man who can not persuade a programmer "help yourself", convince customers? If your product's eyeball is in collaboration with Twitter and Facebook, journalists will be skeptical. Likewise, relying on advertising revenue and increasing users will make the product easier to useEgg problem(Marketplace business model), you will still be skeptical.

8: Do not balance each medium company

ByOnkel Ulle

I do not recommend promising exclusive articles to specific media. Journalists value the value of "scoop" very much, so if you realize you promised something to rival company, I hate you. TechCrunch is notorious for making a company a hostage of interviewing, and if you are planning to do with TechCrunch, remember to turn all other media into enemies.

9: Please give the product's discount code for the reader

If you give a product or service discount code, I can give the reader a value, while you can know how successful my selling and what the popularity of the media is I will. With this, everything falls round and everyone becomes happy.

10: Practice "Brief explanation of ourselves"


I think you know how to promote your business, but please also remember the explanation about the foundation team. Please prepare several episodes, such as creating a company, the opportunity to think of a business. In the article on business it is repeatedly written that "Entrepreneur found a problem and started a company." Prepare interesting episodes, journalists can create good articles from them and have better relationships with their journalists.

11: Journalists have ally

By* Mrsfiremansam *

Many entrepreneurs will defend themselves when asked "How many users are there?" "How much profit is raised?" When they get interviewed. The interviewer wants to help you. I would like all companies going to the interview to become next Facebook. If the media broadens the topic and you succeed, the partners will win. Please speak the truth. Questions about common users and earnings are just asking "Is your business legal?" If you can not talk about that, talk about teams and advisors. Please tell me why you succeeded.

12: I do not show articles before publication


I will not show you articles before posting. The media doing such a thing is not a true news organization. Remember item 2, please suppress your ego before talking to media.

13: Please send me high quality logos and screenshots, face photos

ByAlaskan Dude

If you do not send us photos from Facebook or Twitter.

14: Please prepare the answer for the following questions
· Please tell me what your product / service is like.
· How did you meet with co-founders? Who are they and what are they doing? How old are you?
· Where is your company located? Why did you choose that?
· What is the problem you are trying to solve? How did this problem come out?
· How many users are there?
· Who is the target customer?
· How is the reaction of customers at the moment?
· What is the schedule for the next 6 months? How are you planning to grow?
· What are the differences compared with competitors?
· How did you procure funds? What is it used for?
·whyInvestment company/InvestorDid you choose?
· What is the best feature of your product / service?
· What do you think about industry trends?
· Is there anything else you would like to tell something else other than what I asked you?

If you memorize these items, you will be able to get in touch without getting involved when news gets coming up.

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