Eight attitudes needed to become an entrepreneur


Even though you think that you want to start a business, there are many uncertainties that you do not have confidence in ideas and technical capabilities, or that you do not have enough money.

Anna Vital, who is engaged in promoting business start-ups, is a "Funders and Founders" that provides engineers with help to start a business, introducing the eight attitudes necessary for entrepreneurship using infographic I will.

Funders and Founders We Connect Start-Ups With Capital Becoming an Entrepreneur [infographic]

1. Trying to look ahead
Trying to see the future without being caught up in the present, it is important to gain your own understanding of how the industry will develop in the future. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in that case.


2. Talk about your ideas to people and show the demo
Once you actually take action for entrepreneurs you will find that surprisingly many people want to be your strength.

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3. The way of thinking about the problem
No matter how small a problem it is to talk to 1000 people how to solve it. As a result, if you get a solution, it is important to take action immediately.


Four. Be faithful to your passion
If you do not spend 80 hours a week for entrepreneurship, that is not enough to pour passion. If it is really passionate, even if it is overworked, whether angry or hungry, you should be able to drive it from the bottom of your heart.

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Five. To cherish intuition
Regarding the business you think, you are the most familiar yourself than anyone else. The most important thing is to know yourself and believe in yourself.


6. To actually take action
It is not just to say by mouth, it is important to act actually. For example, it really applies to making products, looking for co-founders, finding people to promote, finding companies that will make a contribution.


7. Try making a prototype
You can write program code, but it should be possible to create as many as 2 to 5 simple web pages. In that case it is about paper, personal computer, smart phone.

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8. I will not be beaten by humans who have doubts
It is normal for many people to have doubts about your idea, but let's keep going without being disturbed by it. Because what you are best is what you most know.


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