Movie of the application "XRay Vision Sticker" in which the inside sees through sticker sticker


The way the world looks will change greatly if only one wall and one piece of cloth can be made to pass through, but if it really looks transparent ... ... This concept of "XRay Vision Sticker". It is an interesting silo that stickers can be put through through applications of smartphones and tablets.

Clark & ​​Kent X Ray Vision Sticker - YouTube

A woman passed by in front of a man and entered the change room.

A miserable man appeared next to a man with a thought as if it could see inside ... ...

Just sticking a sticker to the door of the changing room, "I am OK with this XRay Vision."

So the men took out the smartphone and the smartphone

Launch the application and point it to the sticker


How come the door transparent through the inside!

You did it!

This is holding a sticker directly in front of a woman's eyes directly

When reading with a tablet, underwear is revealed through clothing.

"I really guarantee fun !!"

When used towards the toilet ......

There is also such a thing

In this movie, the sticker "XRay Vision Sticker" and the application are not actually present, but an advertising agency "I can do such an interesting idea"Clark & ​​KentPromotional movie by. It is a small agency using the telephone box of New York as a medium, but the idea power is certain.

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