A very obstructive "Doorra type earphone jack cover" commercialization decision

"Cute decorating iPhone"Nyanko type earphone jack coverIt is recent talk that Twitter started commercialization, but it seems that we also decided to commercialize "Doorra type earphone jack cover" that I picked up continuously with this. The intervals are amazing levels.

"Doorra type earphone jack cover" made (made awesome) | Nico Nico shopping (temporary)

DoarerIs a mascot character of the Chunichi Dragons with a motif as a koala. I'm pretty looking, but I have an intense character.

© Chunichi Dragons

An illustration that made this a trigger for production.By STso,I got a Nyanko earphone jack coverEspecially when I got an idea, "(piggybacking)" is attached, but it is really being commercialized.

And it was actually produced. Because it is a clay sample, the color is not attached, but it is awesome.

I chose the second illustration of "illustration 0 type (awesome jamma)" ...!

Doula who hangs with iPhone.

The image used is like this. In a shape like sandwiching the door with the ear and the iPhone.

The Nikoniko Items Department saw the illustration of Ms. ST and said, "What an obstructive earphone jack cover! I would like to commercialize it!" I thought that I got an OK as soon as I tried negotiating with a bad guy. The price is yet to be determined and it is unknown when it will be released, but it is awesome. When will it be likely to be completedProduction diaryPlease check it.

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"Great jama" Doorra type earphone jack cover started order today from 12 o'clock - GIGAZINE

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