Slayers decided to make a completely new TV animation, no cast change

Previously at GIGAZINEThere is a big movement in Slayers this yearAccording to the comment by the original author, Kanzaka I, who was posted on the official fan site, he decided to make it a completely new TV animation. There was no change of cast which was concerned from the conventional fans.

It is already the third animation of TV animation "Slayers TRYEleven years have elapsed since it was broadcasted, but what kind of work would it be?

Details are as below.
"Mega · ブ ラ" Dr. Kanzaka's latest information

According to this page, "Emergency Serious Announcement" held in the monthly issue of Dragon Magazine February release seems to be a new animation of Slayers' new TV.

The new TV animation is an animated original story, aired in 1 cool and 1 cool split 2 cool mode, and the production staff was also responsible for the old TV series for both 2 coursesTakashi WatanabeKnown for the director, "Girl Revolutionary Utena" and "Melody of Forgetfulness" "Shakugan no Shana" "Nodame Cantabile" "Shigofumi"J.C.STAFF. Cast remains as the old animation series and there is no change.

In addition, it seems that the third part of the main part will not be started in accordance with the new TV animation series broadcasting, but it seems that a newly decorated version will be released with a newly drawn cover illustration of 15 volumes of this volume.

Although it is said that it is not yet completely confirmed information, it may be glad for the fans of the former series that cast change is not made. Is it an animation original story, is it going to beat down also the devil king of the other world?

And during the play you will also be wondering whether another major character of short edited "Slayers Supesar", White Snake Naga will appear.

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